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    For sale only

    Carvin BX500 amp with soft carry case and rack face.

    Amp is in excellent condition. Missing one of the screws from the face of the amp.

    Shipping included. Lower 48 states only.

    Paypal accepted.

    - 300w RMS at 8 ohms, 500w at 4 ohms and 500w at 2 ohms
    - A rich, warm 12AX7 tube drives the Class D power amp
    - A powerful 4-band, two sweep tone control section offers parametric frequency changes to the LOW MIDS and HI MIDS along with the BASS and TREBLE controls for unlimited number of options for dialing in your sound
    - The 9-band graphic EQ is footswitch-able, as well as via a switch on the front plate for great control of your overall tone
    - A single knob controls the optical compressor with an auto limiter to keep your peaks in check
    - A Drive knob, plus Master Volume easily controls all your levels
    - A conveniently located Mute switch and an Active/Passive switch tailors the input for different pickup configurations
    - Two combination Speakon™ - 1/4" outputs, 2 ohm operation switch, footswitch, balanced XLR, tuner/headphone output, effects loop and tube bypass switch are located on the rear panel
    - The CLASS D output feature high current, high speed FET’s for continuous 2 ohm operation
    - The Switchmode power supply operates at 100,000 Hz delivering maximum efficiency while reducing weight
    - The head runs cool from its 94% efficiency - no wasted heat or energy from the AC plug
    - Auto-switching AC input for 120V 60 Hz or 240V 50 Hz
    - Size: 14" wide x 9" deep x 2.8" high, with rackmount kit: 19" wide x 9" deep x 3.5" high
    - Weight: 5.8 pounds
    - Made in San Diego, CA
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