Carvin BXR212

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by count_funkula, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. I was just checking out Carvin's bass amps and it looks like they have a new combo. It's called the BXR212.

    It looks interesting because it has 2 12" speakers, one facing forward and the other facing down at a 45 degree angle. It only weighs 69lbs too.

    Any thoughts on this design?

    I was thinking about getting one of their RC210 combos but I'm interested in this new model. It's way more powerful than I need but it seems really cool.
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    Feb 17, 2004
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    It looks pretty interesting for a combo. ;) I haven't had the chance to hear any of the new BRX series equipment but the people that have say it awesome stuff. I have also heard it is leaps and bounds better than the RL line of cabs and amps, FWIW.