Carvin Cyclops owners be careful !!!

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  1. Friday night our band had to cancel a gig at the last minute because of, IMO a design flaw with the casters on the Cyclops. We were setting up a couple of hours before we were to play and my amp falls over and lands on the lead singers foot and puts him in the hospital. Broke his foot!! What happens is when you pick the amp up to set it on stage the casters will drop down a little and stay that way when you set it back down. This makes the amp uneven and the Cyclops being so top heavy anyway will fall over. This has happened several times with me but I was able to catch it in time. Friday night someone else put it on stage and wasn't aware of the problem and thats when the singer got sucker punched by my amp. This is the first time in 32 years I have had to cancel a gig at the last minute and it really stinks. Saturday morning the first thing I did was yank the amp out of the combo and put it in a rack mount case. Not sure if I will ever use that cabinet again but the R600 amp is still good. Anyway all you Cyclops owners be careful if you have casters on your amp.
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    I'm sure Carvin would like to hear about this. you should drop 'em a line.
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    Wowsers... I never had that happen with my Cyclops. But thanks for warning about it. Perhaps you could place the Cyclops where you want it, and remove the casters. They just snap right out.
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    This is not a "Carvin Related Only" problem.
    In fact, they use that type of standard removable casters.
    It will happen on every "PLUG-IN" removable casters out there.
    And please read "PLUG-IN" not Slide in or lockable casters.

    That happened a lot to my Ampeg SVT410HE too.
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    Jun 20, 2001
    whoa. it just falls over? never heard of it.
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    Hey JB ... what a wimp-ass singer! Good thing it wasn't a football game, eh? Play through it, girlie-man!

    Dude ... looks like my next conference is gonna be down (up?) in Savannah. Is that near Atlanta? Seems like we keep ending up in Georgia, although I just got back from the latest one in Hawaii. I told the troops that, considering all that was going on, it was best for me to be spirited away to a secure location on a remote Pacific island. Anyhow, maybe we'll see you.
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    jbplayer -- sounds like a lawsuit to me! Sue the b*stards! :D

    Munj -- when was the last time you saw a football player play with a broken foot? Hell, they cry if they get a frickin' ingrown toenail! "Ow, I have turf toe! Ow!"

    Football players are overpaid p*ssies! :eek:
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    Dude...I'm NOT a football player, and I do agree that they are overpaid, but you don't know what it's like to have "turf toe" until you've really had it. Turf is EXTREMELY spongy, and isn't exactly comfortable to WALK on with 10 good toes, so I can't imagine what it's like to RUN on it with a hurt one.
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    Not to toot my own horn, but...

    I live with an array of illnesses/ailments every day and don't make anywhere near what some of those guys make. Bad knees, bad ankles, a sprained lower back (SI sprain that even though it happened years ago, I still have to tailor my activities to accomodate it), wrist problems and most recently, pain in both of my shoulder joints (I suspect a rotator cuff injury of some sort). My point was, that although football players are indeed tough, they do baby themselves a bit too much for my taste. If I were in the same sitch as jb's singer, I woulda probably cancelled out too.

    If you want to know who I think is one tough S.O.B., PM me and I'll let you know.
  10. Munj. Savannah is southeast of Atlanta on the Atlantic coast, just inland from the beach and one nice place to visit. Be sure to take a camera. It's the oldest city in Ga. If you have time, go to the river front and check out all the pubs. Also the Pirates House is a great place to eat dinner and breakfast. The whole city is just covered up in history. Hope ya have a great time down there!
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    hey this is off topic but i have turf toe right now, hahhaha. I was playin lacrosse on turf 2 days ago and did it. It hurts but i was running today, in pain but it wasn't bad. Yea what is the cyclops, i thought that was just what the horn was called, is that the 8x10 cab u have??
  12. The Cyclops is a Carvin 600 watt biamped. combo amp. The cabinet has a 15 and two 8's with a horn. It does great for most of the clubs I play in and when I need a little more sound I add an 18'' reflex cabinet to it.