Carvin Cyclops RL6815 Cabinet

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  1. Yes, it's the "stack in a box"

    - 1-15" Eminence rated @ 500W
    - 2-8"s
    - "Redeye" compression horn driver
    - 3-way crossover

    The biampable, computer-tuned, cabinet (not sellling the head) is less than a year old. It has never been gigged, so it is absolutely indistinguishable from a factory new cabinet. In fact, it will be shipped in the orginal box.

    This is the cabinet of the combo that won Gig Magazine's "Prove It All Night" Award.

    As for price, here's the math; Carvin sells the complete Cyclops, (head and cab), for $900, shipping not included.

    Back out the R600 head that comes with the Cyclops combo from that price, $570, and the cab comes in at $330.

    I'm asking $260 for this cab, (disregard the shipping info. shown with the picture -


    If interested - [email protected]
  2. What size is the built in rack?
  3. The dimensions of the head that is paired with it are; (measurements of head from Carvin are) - "Two unit rack space 3.5" H x 19" W x 10"D."

    The head's face plate fills up the cavity pretty well. But there are almost 6"s of unused depth left over because the cab is so much deeper than the head.
  4. Doggone it, bump

    A Talkbasser just ordered a Cyclops and could have saved $400 with this cab and Count Funkula's head that goes with it.