SOLD Carvin Icon 4

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    EDIT (2/12/21): Now offering this for sale at $825 shipped (add $10 for West of the Mississippi). Price reduction for local pick up. PayPal only unless local. Still willing to consider trades and all reasonable offers.

    Really solid USA bass. Very good condition with some minor blemishes, the worst of which is pictured near the output jack. There also appear to be some finish blemishes near the tuning pegs. Tried to photograph everything with as much detail as can be accomplished on my iPhone.

    Weight is approximately 8.8 lbs on my bathroom scale. Balances well for me. I believe everything is stock. Comes with padded Fender gig bag. A local deal in Central Ohio would be awesome, but will ship to CONUS.

    Willing to consider any fretted 4 or 5 string (preference for 4's)... a few examples of basses in my wheelhouse, and in the range of the Carvin:
    - Yamaha BBP34
    - G&L Kiloton
    - Player grade US Fenders
    - Spector Rebop
    - German Warwick Corvette
    - Lakland Skyline

    Sure, I may pass on some offers but you never know so feel free to hit me up! Thanks for looking.
    IMG-1965.jpg IMG-1966.jpg IMG-1967.jpg IMG-1968.jpg IMG-1969.jpg IMG-1970.jpg IMG-1971.jpg IMG-1972.jpg IMG-1973.jpg IMG-1974.jpg IMG-1975.jpg IMG-1976.jpg IMG-1977.jpg
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    Oooh that’s a nice bass! GLWS

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    I love these!
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