SOLD Carvin Icon 5 Nordstrand pickups and electronics

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    British Columbia
    2013 Carvin/Kiesel icon 5 bass made in USA. Alder body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard and neck through 34 inch scale. Bass is in absolute mint condition with no ding anywhere to be found.

    Electronics are upgraded Nordstrand dual blade neo pickups and a Nordstrand 2-band preamp with active bass and treble controls and passive tone control. Push pull volume potentiometer for active/passive. Will include OEM pickups and electronics as well.

    Comes with a hard shell moulded G&G case that’s never left the house and is perfect mint condition.

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  2. garmenteros

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    Aug 24, 2008
    Dominican Republic
    Whats the string spacing on the bass?
  3. I believe it is 17.5mm
  4. Price drop to 775 USD
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