SOLD Carvin LB70 4-string bass translucent crimson with birdseye maple neck with hardshell case

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    This is a Carvin LB70 neck through 4-string bass guitar. The body is Swamp Ash with a translucent crimson finish and matching headstock. The fretboard is a beautiful birdseye maple with black dots. This is a neck through bass, which means that the neck extends through the body (not a bolt-on). The body is actually "wings" that are glued to the neck. This increases sustain since the bridge is bolted to the neck extension.

    This bass has one Music Man style humbucker and a Jazz pup in the neck. It has a three band active preamp with an active/passive push/pull switch on the volume control. The switch near the volume lets you toggle between single-coil and series on the humbucker.

    Using my digital bathroom scale I weighed myself with and without the bass. The difference is a whopping 7.8 lbs! This is a nicely light bass!

    There are a few small dings on it, but nothing on the front.

    I have the neck very straight and the action is nice and low.

    It comes with a molded Carvin hardshell case which is in excellent shape.

    Local Seattle Area sale only.

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    Killer deal. Played one of these and they sound great. GLWTS
  3. HubbardsFate


    Oct 18, 2006
    Man...I have four basses at the moment that don't get enough playing time (I am more into guitar these days), and red isn't normally my color, but this thing looks killer...doesn't hurt that it has a frickin' birdseye maple board either...drool - And of course being a Carvin, there is a serious "bang for the buck", if I were local, I'd be tempted...good luck! :cool::bassist:
  4. SleepGetsYourGhost


    Mar 18, 2015
    This is a LOT of bass for 450 bucks. If I was local I think id have to jump on this.
  5. I have almost this exact bass, even the same color, and it sounds and plays great! Even at only 9V the early Carvin preamps sound better than the preamps they use today. Sadly, I'm in the wrong Washington!
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    PM sent.