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Carvin LB70W

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Lenko, May 3, 2003.

  1. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    I would like to hear your opinion on Carvin LB70W. Looks great, but actually don't know what does it sound like. I like that warm sound; basically, I'm looking for Lincoln Goines sound without Fodera.;)
  2. I forgot to add, that the Carvin website has sound clips of some of they're basses, I don't know how a Fodera sounds, but I'm sure what amp and what pickups you play through affect the sound too.
  3. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    Any other opinion?
  4. You could do better, but you could do lots worse.

    Your biggest challenge seems to be that you want the SPECIFIC sound of a SPECIFIC high-end bass with a medium price bass. That would be like trying to copy the exact handling characteristics of a Ferrari F-50 with a BMW.

    That said, you'd be hard pressed to find a trully better bass for less money. Fit, finish, playability and yes, even tone, are all top notch.

    Carvin's biggest drawback? Virtually no resale value. You own these for life...

    Hope I helped a little.
  5. dooberheim


    May 17, 2002
    Lenko, if you are in the US I would say "go for it". If you are in Europe then there might well be better deals than Carvin given the higher cost of these basses over there.

    I don't think the 10 day trial period is in effect in Europe either, so you might well be stuck with it if you wound up not liking the sound for some reason.

    They are very nice basses, but some people consider the tone a bit tame for their liking. I have an LB76P and like it, but a lot depends on the sound you want. I have never played a Fodera so can't help you there unfortunately. Perhaps someone who has played both can step in and give you a comparison.