Carvin LB75 or B5

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  1. I'm thinking about making the jump to a 5-string, and I've read lots of good stuff about the Carvins. I'd appreciate any opinions (pro or con) on Carvin stuff, both LB75 and the bolt-on B5. I'm not quite sure which I should get between neck-through & bolt-on. I currently play Fender MIM's, which I like, but I might want to save up for a higher-end bass. Anyways, any info is appreciated.
  2. Hey, if you like MIM Fenders (I assume Jazz) then they do make a Fender J 5 string. Its not bad, I played it at a music store here in Portland and I can't complain. The B was better then some that I've played, but I am sure there are better B's out there, however I don't think so for the price, which if I remember was around $500. I've been thinking the same thing about getting a carvin 5 string, but then again I was thinking for the price of getting the Carvin that I want I could also get a MM Stingray.. or a Sterling in four strings.. Although I kind of like that I can pretty much design my own through Carvin. The one carvin 5'er that I played was really nice, but it was fretless and had more options on it then I knew what to do with...
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    Aug 13, 2001
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    you can find a better bass than a carvin. i was intrigued by the ads, but when i visited the "custom" shop, i was greeted with crappy stuff. and unknowledgeable salespeople trying to amke a buck.. i'm sure some people dig their carvins, but for a grand or less you can find a really killer 5 string. MTD, Used Stingray's, Fender, Spector, etc.. if you really want to shell out for a carvin, make sure you try BEFORE you buy..:cool:
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    Jul 22, 2001
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    hey i have a lb75 with the MM humbucker... i like it. but its not a stingray... the consensus on this board is that carvin makes good basses with crappy electronics.... i love mine though.. the differences between a bolt and a neck through are that a neck through sounds rounder while a bold on is "snappier." This is because the neck through transfers fundamentals better, those are lower frequencies, and a bolt on will bring out overtones more.
  5. Reverend G-Money

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    Aug 13, 2001
    San Diego, CA
    that's cool you like yours.. maybe it wasn't a good day or i was over eager, but the carvin stuff didn't do it for me. right on that you got a good one...
  6. Thanks to you guys for giving me your 2 cents here. I've been weary of ordering a Carvin sight unseen, but i've read tons of good stuff about them too. As i say, i play MIM Fenders... both Jazz & Precision, and I love the tone, especially of the J. But I don't like having to raise the action into the stratosphere to get rid of fret buzzing & all that. I like to dig into the strings when i get going sometimes, I guess. Anyways, it's all food for thought while I save up money for a purchase.
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    I just got an LB75 and it is awesome. The post about poor quality does not apply to my bass. The quality of my Carvin is as good or better than basses twice the price. I tried Spector, Stingrays, had a Fender Jazz, Modulus, Warwick, Pedulla, and none of them are better than Carvin. Some are as good and all are different but none better IMHO.

    The action is very low on my bass with no buzz. I got the H50N humbuckers on mine and they sound great. Passive mode sounds very similiar to the Jazz I used to own. A friend of mine just got a Fender 5 string Jazz and the B on my Carvin sounds far better.

    The best thing about Carvin is the price. I got mine for $963 with a hardshell case.

    I'm not trying to push Carvin just because I own one. I really was blown away by the quality and sound of this bass and just want to share what I've found with others.

    Good luck on your search for a new bass!
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    Feb 8, 2001
    FWIW, you can get pretty low, comfortable action on the Carvin. As far as sound, they are warm, but with a little more modern take on the traditional Jazz tone. They don't sound bad, it's just that I own several other basses that have very characteristic tones. Carvins just don't have that 'niche' that some other basses have cut out for themselves, but they sound good.

    They are good value for the dough I would say. I would recommend the 2 jazz pickup configuration though so you can replace the preamp/pickups later on if you ever decide you would like to. It's just a forward looking solution should you decide to make modifications, but the choice is up to you. I tried their humbucker and didn't care for it at all. What you *will* get with the Carvin is very nice construction, fit, and finish. They are well known for making basses that are made well, play well, and look good.

    As far as a bolt on vs. neck through, that's a widely discussed topic. Most comparisons between the two have to do with sustain, harmonic characteristics, and how hard they hit. Search the forums here and I'll bet you come across some comparative analysis on the subject.
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    Jan 13, 2000
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    I have the Carvin LB70 (4 string) with the J99 and originally ordered with HB2 option. The J99 single coil is a great pickup. The problem with the Carvin sound I found was more from the HB musicman style pickup. I just recently changed it out for the Basslines ceramic musicman pickup and the Carvin sound quality (with the original carvin electronics and J99 in the neck) improved dramatically. Don't just write off Carvin from what you see in their stores. The stuff in their stores is probably returns from "custom (sort of)" shop. My LB70 has excellent construction with very low action (like I like it) and a very fast neck (tung oiled neck option). I'm not saying Carvins are the best bass in the world (there are other more expensive basses I would love to own - Wal, Warwick SSII, ), but for under $1000 (with options) the Carvin is a very good bass that is upgradable if you want.