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  1. What has anyone heard about these? Anyone played/owned one? I am thinking 5'er, and I want to know if the B is any good, and if its worth the money. I've liked the 2 carvins that I've played, is the quality pretty consistent? Any info would be appreciated :) Thanks
  2. The quality is not consistent its STREAMING!
    Another good guitar after another.
  3. I just got an LB70, so I can't help you with the B string, but I can tell you that I'm extremely happy with this bass! :D Carvin did a beautiful job on it, and it came in very close to their target date, with no hidden charges.

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    Feb 8, 2001
    As far as I know, all their basses are 34" scale. Having said that, I'm pleased to say that their B string is quite good. It's not floppy, and it plays well. I've heard B's on other basses that hit harder, but Carvin's is balanced well with the other strings.

    I also agree with what was said above, the quality of construction seems very consistent. Even when I've played older Carvins, they are always comfortable and fast. From what I can tell, they've gotten even better at it over the years. They even offer the option for an asymmetrical neck profile, which some might prefer for 5's and 6's.

    I'd say they are definitely worth the money. They also let you get some options at relatively cheap prices that would cost an arm and a leg elsewhere. A good solid value for those looking to spend a grand or less.
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    Jul 4, 2001
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    Used Carvins are a great deal, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They show up on ebay pretty regularly.
    There are definitely better B's out there, but in my experience they'll cost you a good grand or two more.
    I've found them to be quite respectable, and reliable instruments. We've got a quite a bit of Carvin equipment in our studio, none has let us down yet...

  6. Actually, I think the B is the best string on my LB75. The DR Marcus strings don't hurt either. But it has a "massiveness" that just overwhelms and the clarity is quite good.

    The neck is like budda.

    All it needs are better pickups than the J99 and the HB5 to make the bass a total winner. The J99 is good but better pickups really complete the package, IMO. I don't know about their H50N pickup because I never owned one, but all the feedback on them that I've seen is very positive.

    If you don't see the option you want offered, Carvin may accommodate you as long as it isn't a component they don't offer already or not made by Carvin. For instance, I wanted a "cloud" piece of quilted maple for my top as opposed to "tight" quilt. They came through big time.
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    Jul 4, 2001
    mobile AL
    I wasn't happy with my B's at all when I received my basses, but it's been quite a while ago, and now it appears they use new strings- but it's definitely worth experimenting to find the strings that do it for you. From what I can tell, the Warwicks I was using are very similar to the DR's, if so- they're both winners. Really focuses things, tightens them up quite nicely...
    I've got Rotos on a BB75 and a LB76, and I think I like the Warwicks better. Just a tiny bit looser with the Rotosounds. Guess I'll try the DR's next.
    I've got h50's in both basses, really lets me compare the alder/maple LB w/ the tung-oiled mahog BB. With pretty much everything else being equal, I can hear the difference in the wood. The pickups are fine, not as articulate as my custom w/bart's or the Warwick w/MEC's, but as good as anything else I've tried. Just a good clean workhorse tone, nothing fancy- very basic, but a good spectrum I'd say.
    I'm trying to make some mp3's for comparison, if I ever get the time to finish.

    If you do order new from Carvin, don't order it from the website, that'd be my recommendation. Call and talk to someone, and be as thorough as possible. Do your homework ahead of time, as far as options/woods/finish. Be very specific about the appearance of the wood, too- if you have a specific look in mind, like Dark Koa, or particular grain patterns. You got to be very specific with them. It'll save you some time and trouble.
    Their build quality is very high though. Great necks!
    let us know if you decide to try one.

    Have you tried their BBS? Obviously it's going to be a little biased (no worse than the harmony central reviews...), but there's lots of experience there with the actual products. Of course, there seems to be quite a bit here too...
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    Jun 16, 2000
    Lutz, Florida
    I had one and the "B" was good. The bass was very versatile and sounded great. I had the wider neck. The Carvin option is a good one. Check out their "in stock" basses if you don't want to wait. Mine had two stacked humbuckers. You might want to try their new pickup combinations.