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  1. I have a Carvin 2x10 cabinet,used to be a combo but now I use it with a GB Shuttle 6.The original ceramic speakers lasted 7-8 years when one started to buzz,decided to replace both speakers approximately 2 years ago with neodymiums that they sold at the time.One started buzzing a few months ago and I replaced it with a spare neo from another manufacturer.Now the other Carvin speaker is buzzing badly and has a definite voice coil rub.Question is has anyone else had any issues with these speakers?I notice Carvin no longer carries this same speaker and don't load their cabs with neos as a general rule.Any help would be appreciated.
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    Carvin speakers are OK for the price point, but they ain't Eminence, that's for sure.
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    I have an MB10 loaded with a new Carvin 10” NEO speaker. It’s solid. Get them while they last. The BRX line aren’t loaded with NEO’s anymore (shame), but you can still buy the replacement speakers.
  4. To say I'm reluctant to go that route again is an understatement.
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