SOLD Carvin PB 4 with Nordstrand PU + extra PGs EXCELLENT Cond - $500USD * Price Drop!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by pudgychef, Nov 24, 2016.

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    I purchased this Carvin PB4 on the TB classifieds. It is in excellent condition and is a lightweight 8.5lb. It has an upgraded Nordstrand pickup and includes additional black, white and white-pearloid pick guards.

    Bass is in excellent shape and exactly as I received it. It ships in a good quality hard-case which is in good shape with a few marks here and there.

    I had the chance to rehearse and gig with the bass a few times, and while impressive, it is not a great fit for me. I am selling it as I find the Jazz style nut width a little too narrow and the bass a bit too light for me..

    If you would like a good quality, USA-built, modern take on the classic P bass - which happens to be quite light, this could be the bass for you. I paid $725USD shipped + $125USD import tax and duty - will pass it on for PRICE DROP $500USD + Shipping!

    Open to trades for a 4 string, fretted EBMM Bongo + cash on my end.
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    sound sample?
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    Hmm...I can take to my next gig and do a field recording with my Zoom H1 if you like..would that work?