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Carvin R1000 anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by PUNK&DONUTS, Feb 6, 2001.

  1. I'm just interested in the Carvin R1000 and your opinions on it and also what it is like running 2 8ohm 4X10 through it or 1 4X10 and a 1X15 and how much power does it produce doing this. Also what is the general opinion of quality and service if you are not living in the US but Australia?

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  2. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    It's a nice amp. I have one (bought Sept. 2000). Carvin's speakers aren't that efficient, so if you buy their 8-ohm 4x10, you can't get that much power to it from one channel of the R1000 (225 watts, Carvin claims, but more like 180 *clean* watts, in my estimation). If you need lots of volume, I'd consider setting up the cabinets in parallel for a minimum load of 4 ohms and then running the R1000 bridged into them. This way you'll get its most stupendous output (1000 watts "Carvin" power - or maybe 850 watts "MikeyD" power). BTW, I think their 1x15" cabinet is 4 ohms so then you couldn't get the 4-ohm min. load for bridging with both cabinets. Actually, you might ask Carvin for an 8-ohm 15" or 18" - I note they sell them as raw drivers that way.

    Quality of the amp tends to be very good, but I can't comment on service in Australia - I live in northeastern USA. You might want to ask Carvin about warranty service. Also ask them to send a wiring diagram (the parts list should be in your manual) so that you can have it repaired locally after the warranty expires.

    - Mike
  3. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    One of my amps is an R1000 but there's not too much to add after one of the TB tech studs, MikeyD, has spoken.

    My 2 Carvin heads are the Series II (with the tube preamp). THe Series III uses surface mount technology and that may be a plus for you, being distant from Carvin. Yes, you do have to replace whole boards(?) if something goes belly up and it is expensive. But, with the SMT there are no soldered wires all about, vibrating while the amp is in use. Besides, SMT is what everyone has been going to or will be going to.

    About quality, all my Carvin gear is built like a brick. And, properly slaved and cranked, my big room rig leaves bruises on my back.

    (Is "tech stud" an oxymoron, like "military intelligence"?)
  4. Brooks


    Apr 4, 2000
    Middle East
    I have a recent R1000 with Carvin 4x10 and 1x18, both 8ohm each. I really like the head, and the only gripe I have is that you can not mix the effects with the non-effected signal.

    As for the cabs, with R1000 power amps set to 5, (non-bridged mode) gain to 0, no EQ, and master volume on 3 I can keep up very nicely with drums, guitarist's Marshall 50W valve combo, 600W PA with 4 Roland cabs with keyboard and mics.
  5. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    LOL!! :) I really like that, O RickBass One! But don't do this to me! Okay, I gotta shut up for awhile so you other guys with good things to say can get a word in edgewise. I agree with your comment about surface mount, so thanks for adding to the thread.
    LOL! Yeah - must be. I guess I'd rather be known as the latter than the former. (Please, everyone, tell all your female acquaintances!) ;) James Brown talked like a Sex Machine. Is that an oxymoron, too? I guess I gotta start talking non-tech so people don't get the idea I'm a nerd or something! If I figure out whether I'm an oxy or a moron, I'll get back to you.

    - Mike
  6. I own the R1000 Series II head along with a Carvin 4x10 cabinet. I think it is a good head for the money, in bridged mono mode I can easily keep up with my band who is one of the loudest I have ever heard (2 Mesa/Boogie Stacks, and a drummer from hell).

    My only gripe and be very careful about this is that with the exception of their 4x10 all of their other bass cabs are 4 ohms.....this is bad news, in conjunction with a 4x10 it will make your amp run at 2.67 ohms which is not a good load (I blew mine up because of this, although Carvin will tell you that they handle a 2.67 load fine, do not believe them). My suggestion would be to buy the head and two 4x10 cabinets to get the full capabilities of your amp.

    Hope that helped.
  7. Brooks


    Apr 4, 2000
    Middle East
    Chaoslord, the Carvin R1018 comes with an 8ohm 4x10 and an 8ohm 1x18. If you run it in bridged mode, you get 1000W into 4ohm.
  8. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    Have you actually seen the tube inside?
    The only Series that really mentions it as A real TUBE 12AX7 is the Series I, the rest,dont tell it explicitly.

  9. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    lfabara, The Series II has a single tube in the preamp (seen it with my own eyes!). The catalogs with this series also explicitly mention the 12AX7 tube.

    Brooks, according to Carvin's catalog and web site (and my own cabinet, which I've verified with an ohmmeter), the RL118 (1x18") speaker cabinet is rated at 4 ohms. However, it may be possible to custom order it with an 8-ohm driver, since I note Carvin sells them separately as raw drivers. It might be worth contacting them about it.

    - Mike

    [Edited by MikeyD on 02-09-2001 at 11:39 AM]
  10. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Ibafara- I haven't been inside my Series II heads for 2 reasons.

    1. A person with my extremely high degree of technical incompetence has no business inside the head, other than, for something simple, like changing a tube.

    2. I haven't had any need to mess with the tubes since I'm happy with the sound of my R heads as they are.

    The best reasons I have for thinking a tube in involved with the signal processing are based on info at the Carvin board -

    One guy, I think the name is Rlindsey, mentions he had a problem with a Series III head, looked inside, saw no tube, and sent it back to Carvin. By mistake, Carvin sent him a Series II head. He looked inside and saw the 12AX7 but soon returned it for a direct replacement for the Series III head he ordered. Also, I've seen questions by owners of Series II heads there, talking about substituting various other makes of tubes for whatever make Carvin uses.

    Secondly, the article in Gig magazine where they gave their "Prove It All Night Award" to the RL6815 Cyclops with the R600 head mentions, "...kicking in more of the 12AX7 tube, and got a much warmer, SVT-style tone." Where they list the spec.'s for the head it says, "Blendable 12AX7 tube preamp."

    Good enough for me.
  11. Thanks for the info. It seems that for myself the series three would be what I am looking for because tubes are something I don't want to be replacing.
    I have a question, I'm in Australia and can't order it over the net does anyone know how I can get hold of their equipment? If you are Australian and have their gear any help would be appreciated thanks.
  12. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    I don't know exactly how this would work for you, in terms of cost, but couldn't you order one from their 800 phone number or email them? (Their website is set up for this). Or, at the least, by mail? Their print catalog has an order form if the phone/online isn't a viable means. Sorry, I can't give you the Australian perspective.

    I ordered one of their basses last winter over the phone with every option possible, (about 7 of them), except the personalized truss rod cover. If they got that order perfect, which they did, I think they can handle an amp. The only thing they could screw up are the covers/casters/footswitch. (And they haven't screwed up my two amp orders either).

    What a lot of people don't realize when they get scared away by the carvin mail order way of doing business, is that Carvin can't afford to get a bum rap on their chosen method of doing business. Otherwise, they're out of business. Consequently, you see raves all over the web from Carvin owners about how their orders were fulfilled. The only screw-ups I've heard about were made by the shipping companies.

    They've been building and delivering amps over 50 years. I think they've got the hang of it.
  13. Brooks


    Apr 4, 2000
    Middle East
    I got my Carvin rig to the Middle East. The way to do it is to find a freight forwarder in Australia who will arrange to physically pick up the amp/cabs/whatever at Carvin factory and ship it to you. All freight forwarders have 'partners' in various countries that they work with. Due to weight, and therefore cost, cheapest option would be sea freight. Re. the order, you can't call an 800 from outside of the USA. You can order over the web, then email them, and specify that you will arrange for pickup at the factory, and ask them to call the freight forwarder when the goods are ready. Your Australian freight forwarder will give you the contact details of their counterpart in the USA.

    It may sound a bit complicated, but it really is not...I get most of my gear that way. For smaller items, I have an account with DHL. Works the same way (DHL picks up the goods, and charges shipping to me), but it's more costly. On the other hand, stuff arrives within 4 days. Also, with DHL you can bid on eBay items where the seller states that they will only ship to USA - in my case, the seller doesn't ship at all, they just package the goods.
  14. Well I ended up picking up a SWR WM 4004 instead as I got to try it out and liked the sound and the service will be a lot easier as it has 3 years warranty and it's only a matter of taking it to my music store and they do it all for me. Thanks for your help it was much appreciated it's just the whole process was just not feasible for me and I ended up picking the SWR up for about $500 US brand new, thanks again.

    I will look into it in the future though.

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