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Carvin R600?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Ibanezist, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Ibanezist


    Mar 24, 2002
    Looks like alot of power and quality for its cheap price. Is there a catch or is it really good?
  2. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    For my money, it was a very good deal. I've gigged the bejeezus out of it for 3 1/2 years now and the head hasn't given me a lick of trouble. Good sounds and plenty of power. That's my vote!

  3. boobinga


    Feb 9, 2001
    Pacific NW
    If I were set on getting the Carvin 600, I'd go for the 1000 instead. Just a few bucks more. The 600 isn't too bad. Both models do have a whole ton of knobs and control thingies, if you like all that!
  4. seamus


    Feb 8, 2001
    yeah, if you even consider the r600 as a serious choice, definitely get the r1000 man

    it's only 80 bucks more, and it will add lots more headroom and flexibility when compared with its little brother

    good luck making a decision!
  5. I've had my R600 now for 2 yrs. with no problems at all. If you do get the R600 or R1000, "READ THE MANUAL". I repeat "READ THE MANUAL". If you don't learn how to use the amp correctly you will send it back. Everything on the amp will make sense once you learn what all the functions do.
    One more time, READ THE MANUAL
  6. Ibanezist


    Mar 24, 2002
    Hehe, gotcha. I will make sure to READ THE MANUAL. Thanks for the replies.
  7. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    I've got a series 2 R600. It's served me well for about 3 1/2 years now. I had it in the RC210 combo, but I've sold the cab and replaced it with an Aguilar 1x12. The head sounds much better with better cabs.

    It is finally time to move up to a full Aguilar setup, so I am debating whether to keep my Carvin as a backup, or to sell it on to someone else. I'll probably keep it around. It is a great head (note-I did not keep the SWR that I had before the Carvin---For what that is worth). IMHO, YMMV, etc, etc

    Oh, BTW, if the R1000 had existed when I got my R600, I would have picked that up, instead. Go for the R1000...
  8. KB

    KB Supporting Member

    Jan 13, 2000
    Chapel Hill, NC
    I really like my R600 (series III), but I have had a few problems with it. My very first one wasn't grounded properly (it was picking up radio almost louder than the bass sounds). Carvin quickly sent me another one and paid to ship the first one back. Last week my 2nd one blew up. Luckily I was in the last month of my warranty so I sent it back to them and they are going to repair it or replace it for Free. The power amp section went out on it due to a loose capacitor on it. The only reason I have the R600 is that it came with their setup or the 2x10 and 1x15 cabs as well. The R600 is plenty of power, but if I were buying the head individually I would probably get the R1000.
    I have since replaced the cabs with Aguilar and the sound improved dramatically. RIght now I just want my amp head back as I basically have nothing to play through except a very dinky combo (25W) that is ancient.

  9. jplb70


    Nov 1, 2001
    I bought the R1000 about 4 months ago. And I run it through a pair of Edens (D-210T and a D-215XL). I must say this thing is WAY LOUD and sounds very clear and punchy. Like jb said read the manual :) you'll find you can get a good range of sounds through it with some playin around of the "control thingies" ;) And definatly go with the R1000 if you decide on this amp and the extra 80 bucks won't hit ya to hard. An extra 400 watts is worth it.
  10. SRSiegel

    SRSiegel Guest

    Sep 17, 2001
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    great head. i still have mine in the RC210 combo it came with (series 2, real 12AX7 tube preamp) the head has never given me trouble, and i dont intend on replacing it. i do hope to pair it with some better speakers soon though. i would also defenilty get the R1000 now, in hindsight. 80 dollars more, for an additional 400 watts of headroom. thats what... 20 cents/watt?! yeah. defenitly a solid ratio when it comes to upgrades.

    BTW ive played through other heads as well, top of the line hartkes, ampegs (vintage SVT and newer SVT pros) eden, swr, you name it. im still holding onto my R600.
  11. DonovanBankhead

    DonovanBankhead Banned Commercial User

    Aug 25, 2001
    Springfield, MO
    Owner - FretSpot.com; Vice President - Springfield Music
    I've got an R600 head w/the Carvin 2X10 cab and the 15" cab for sale. They are in mint condition and I'd like to get $900 obo.

  12. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    Like SR, mine came in an RC210 combo... I tried to get them to place an R1000 head in the combo, or to sell me that head and combo cabinet separately... No go on either scenario. Still, the R600 is a good deal, and now that I've replaced the stock speakers with Eminence Kappa's, the cabinet keeps up!


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