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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DuckBass, Sep 15, 2001.

  1. DuckBass

    DuckBass Guest

    Sep 15, 2001
    I just purchased a Carvin RC210 (waiting for delivery). I've been very pleased with the quality of Carvin products. I own a Carvin LB75 bass -- sounds and looks great. Per Bassplayer magazine's Jan 2001 write up, you can remove the head and run the 2x10 speaker cab as separates. The combo weighs about 80 lbs but as a separate it would be much easier to lug around. I went with the combo versus purchasing the separates because of the tilt back cab design for stage monitoring. I plan to purchase a 15" or 2nd 2x10 extension cab in the near future.

    Does anyone see any problems with cabinet tone by running the RC210 as separates vs. combo? Also, any advice on extension cab purchase? I run XLR/direct out to the board.

    This is my first post so be nice...

  2. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    DuckBass... First, welcome to TalkBass.

    I guess I'm a little confused about your meaning 'As Separates'... Do you mean buying the combo, removing the head, and still using them both together? If you remove the head, you have this funky, two rackspace, gaping hole on top of the cabinet, plus the added hassle of lugging two things around. The combo's heavy, but not that bad really. The side handles make carrying it pretty easy, especially if you lift it with the speakers facing into your body...

    As far as powering the cabinet with a separate head, or removing the head and using on a separate cabinet, the two components can be split as you suggested. It really is nothing more than an R600 head mounted in a special 2X10 cabinet. I've used an Eden David vt.40 head mounted into the Carvin cabinet with okay results, (took a little ingenuity, as the head mounts using four top bolts, and not rack style as you may expect), and I am currently using the Carvin head away from the combo to power a 1X15 cabinet, again with satisfactory results... So yeah, you can do both. I will soon be remounting the head and moving back into combo territory...

    Congratulations on your purchase, and enjoy your new toy!

  3. DuckBass

    DuckBass Guest

    Sep 15, 2001
    I was just curious whether removing the head (creating that funky 2 rack space void) would affect the acoustics of the cabinet... Sounds like no impact...

    It looks like you are pleased with the performance and versatility of the RC210.

    Thanks Robert!!!!
  4. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    I've had an RC210 for about a year now and I have not been disappointed by it. I'm sure you will be pleased with yours.

    As for using the cab and head as separates, I doubt it will change anything. The RC210 is basically just Carvin's 210 wedge with extra space on top to fit the head in.
  5. kaseydilla

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    Sep 30, 2001
    New Orleans, LA
    While not an RC210, I have an MP210T with an R1000 that I use for smaller shows and the thing sounds great. I even use it with 5 strings and although the bottom end is not as good as with my 8X8, its still great for small to med size shows. You should have no problems with it.
  6. It sure doesn't make any difference when I take the head out off my Cyclops. The 103 lbs. is just a drag with it in there when it comes to moving it.
  7. Sundogue


    Apr 26, 2001
    Wausau, WI
    I own the R600 head (that I bought with the RC210) but I removed the head and I use the 210 cab at practice only.

    I used the head (bridged) with a Peavey 115BXBW cab for about a year and recently went over to a Peavey 412TVX cab.

    The head can be used in any combination of ways...very versatile. But make sure that if you bridge it, you do not go under 4 ohms (for one cab) or 8 ohms each (for two cabs)...just follow the manual's advice.

    I think the compressor is somewhat limiting (by that I mean restrictive in options...not as a limiter :)). So I use a seperate compressor/limiter in a small rack with the head and I just bring the head with me to gigs and practice (my 210 cab is at our practice place and my Peavey 412 cab is in the band trailer for gigs).