Carvin RC210 Users

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  1. Chop


    Dec 12, 1999
    I would like to hear people's successes, impressions, feelings and setting preferences...and what the hell-even the style of music that you are using your RC210 for.

    I have had mine since April and it has been good so far. I have been in a gigging rut that will be ending I have nothing substantial to offer in that area as of yet..

    I find that I get the best tone in tilt-back position.

    I get a little nervous slapping it a playing volume-usually about 3.

    I think the 'non-EQ'ed' tone would blow if they didn't have the 'pre-shape' buttons.

    I have the bass knob at +1, mid para@900 -6, high at +1.
    The EQs are as follows from low to high:
    0 +4 +3 -4 -4 0 +4 +4 0

    I realize that I am contradicting some of the tones using the knobs and graphic EQ..Still working on getting 'the' tone with this amp. I like a tight-clean..Eden type-funk tone..I guess that would be called 'modern funk' tone. I play rock--in a cover gig and also bluesy rock/pop in a different band, but in general, I dislike the generic rock bass tone that I hear on a lot of rock albums..with the exception of STP.

    Anyone get the compressor to work well for them?

    By the pickups are Lane Poor with an active Bartolini preamp.