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Carvin RL Pre - Voicing Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by joey_g_funk, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. As far as i have reasoned, the Carvin RL's pre cannot be set flat due to the 'pre-shape' buttons, mainly the (evil) 'mid-shift' button. By 'flat', I mean the equivalent of all knobs off, buttons disengaged. Kind of like a (pre)EQ bypass.

    Either the (evil) mid-shift pre-shape button is:
    OUT ( -12dB @ 250Hz ) too hollow
    or it is
    IN ( -12dB @ 475Hz ) too boomy/boxy/unnatural

    So, by my logic, no matter what, you have a mid scoop somewhere, unless there is some other way that it gets around that fact.

    I didn't realize this until after I had the amp for a while. Before that, the tone was always either too low-bass boomy or too hollow with EQ adjustment.

    Now, to compensate, I leave it out, but then I always crank my semi-parametric mid to like +10dB @ 250Hz.

    This really bothers me. I just think that the amp should be able to be 'flat' by default.

    (pondering) I wonder if my amp tech could wire in a bypass switch for me.. Never thought of that before! Just a little toggle switch or something to bypass the pre-shape buttons. Maybe I could learn to do it myself.

    Carvin's tech support didn't definitively answer the question for me, either.

    The amp is OK, but I am seriously considering a new amp, but if I could keep it somehow and save some cash, I'd be happy. Yeah right. I get GAS right when I wake up in the morning. I fall asleep thinking about amp+cab combinations. Totally insane!

    I would like to get a new quality head, though (Eden, etc...).

    Anybody have thoughts on this?

  2. You'd probably be surprised at how few amp heads actually are flat when their controls are set that way. It's not really that unusual.

    ANyway, I'm not sure whether that mod is feasible. You should take it to a good tech and ask.

    Something else you might consider is whether Carvin would let you trade it in on one of their new B1500s. That amp has a flatter "straight" sound IMO, is louder and better sounding, and is built pretty solidly.