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Carvin RL1018 like/dislike

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ELGUAPO, Jul 1, 2002.



    Jul 1, 2002
    im thinking about buying one and i want to get some feedback from people who own them or have played them.thanks
  2. dooberheim


    May 17, 2002
    Hi EL Guapo:

    I have had an RL 1018 for about 3 months or so. I have gigged with it probably 15-20 times in that period, in both small and large clubs and outside. It sounds pretty good, and there are a lot of tonal variations available -- in fact the head is kind of hard to use because of all the tone controls. Definate learning curve. It does not have a lot of headroom bi-amped -- it clips on the low B fairly easily if you add too much bass, although it is as loud as a 4 x 10/1 x 15 Peavey Firebass stack and sounds a lot cleaner. I would like a bit more juice for playing outside (and have it now but that is another story). I like the bi-amp sound. but the full range mode gives a full rock sound that a lot of people like. You can get the speakers (mostly the 10s - the 18 is a robust speaker) to fart more easily other amps I have tried. The amp does not have a limiter per se although the compressor can be used as one, and takes care of some of the farting.

    You cannot bridge the amp into the 4 x 10 and 1 x 18 because the 18 is 4 ohms. I suspect that people who have had these shut down running bridged might be doing this. If you want to run bridged you need to get two 8 ohm (or one 4 ohm)cabs. So the most power you can get out of the RL1018 as sold is about 600 watts.

    The cabinets are easy to move and relatively light. I can move the entire thing in my Geo Metro if I take out the back seat. One drawback is neither cab has a good sound by itself IMO. The 18 is too muddy and the 4 x 10 does not have the bottom of a lot of other 4 x 10s. I work out a lot and it doesn't bother me to move equipment, but a lot of people buy an R1000 head and use another brand of 4 x 10 for a full range rig that is easier to move.

    Snob appeal? None. Our keyboard player still razzes me about my "toy" amp, even as he's asking me to turn down. (Big Peavey fan, 'nuff said) Resale value is poor, also.

    I like mine -- I consider it a good value. You will find some people don't. You can search for "RL1018" or "Carvin amp" to see others comments.


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