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    For Sale Only: Carvin RX1200R Non-Powered Mixer.
    $300.00 (local pickup) or PLUS $25.00 Shipped CONUS only:

    Rack Mountable at 5 spaces. We used a Gator Shallow 6u case NOT INCLUDED.

    Excellent condition works great. Very clean and quiet signal.
    Have original packing a shipping box.

    The RX1200RÂ is a non-powered 5RU rack model of the RX1200L, designed for use with external amplifiers. Features include dual 256 effects processors, which allow you to assign different effects to different channels. Four 7-band equalizers help your tailor your sound just the way you need it. Balanced high headroom mic preamps produce clean, transparent sound. 3 XLR balanced line outputs and R/L and monitor connectors allow you to connect components, and a front mounted USB port powers your MP3 player or an optional USB light.

    The RX1200R features a 125k Hz switching power supply for operating your mixer at any voltage from 90 VAC to 240VAC, 50 or 60 Hz. Like a laptop computer, you can go anywhere in the world and not worry about power adapters.

    256 effects from each stereo processor give you the flexibility to assign chorus/rev to the acoustic guitar channel and reverb to the vocal channels. Both effects are fully adjustable to your stage monitors. Effects include reverb, chorus, flanging and echo with parameters fully adjustable for damping, decay, depth, speed, time and regeneration.

    is derived from the extremely low distortion, high "Headroom" design. These powerful mixers are friendly with almost any kind of setting; so you get great sound every time. A state-of-the art low noise preamp for each channel features a balanced common mode rejection of better than 70 dB, which means that any possible noise that may come over your cables is virtually eliminated. Even the balanced XLR output connectors guard your system from cable nose for your professional recordings or external power amp connections. Distortion is nearly non existent with THD below .01%, which guarantees the purity of your sound. Hear the difference - your sound will not seem processed. It will be dynamically open and transparent just like it was meant to be.

    provides easy adjustment for the tone you want. The LO frequency control starts to build bass at 20 Hz and continues to 80 Hz for a solid non-flabby bass. A simple adjustment with the MID band, gives you the best sound for vocals or guitar in the so important 750 Hz frequency range. The 11.5k Hz HI treble control adds sparkle to your top-end without adding harshness. Both the LO and HI are "shelving", which means they are effective from 20, and up to 20k Hz.

    provide precise 1 octave adjustments for your over all sound and to control feedback. Unlike one stereo equalizer, four independent 7 bands give you total flexibility. At the push of a button, you can assign both equalizers to the main and monitor speakers or to the R/L outputs.

    Hidden deep in the heart of these mixers is the SMT construction that utilizes surface mounted components to prevent malfunctions caused by vibrations. Sealed controls and switches guard against the outside elements while heavy-duty connectors give a positive connection to your cables. Fire retardant FR-4 military spec circuit card feature double-sided copper construction to eliminate radio frequency interference. Precision 1% tolerances guarantee that your settings will be accurate every time. The multi-ply wood cabinet is not the typical heavy particleboard that can break or crack. The featured Duratuff covering is scratch and dent resistant. The Carvin RX Series is built in the USA to strict, professional standards, ensuring you will have perfect sound every time!

    Like the powered RX1200L, the RX1200R supports up to 2 USM internal wireless receivers (sold below). Add a wireless mic receiver, wireless instrument receiver, or both, and simplify your setup! If racking, a 6RU rack (or larger) such as the RW6-S is recommended to allow room for the antennae.



    Graphic EQ: 80, 160, 400, 800, 2K, 6K, 12K

    EQ Section:Â
    HI ±12 dB @ 11.5k Hz
    MID ±12 dB @ 750 Hz
    LOW ±12 dB @ 80 Hz

    Dimension: 19" wide x 8" deep x 8.75" high
    Weight: 9.75 lbs

    Power: 120V 60 Hz, optional 240V 50 Hz

    24-bit DSP includes:
    PEAK indicator
    Master level control
    Effect control
    Parameter control
    Effects: Echo, Reverb, Chorus, Flange

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