SOLD Carvin SB5000 (I’m going to regret this)

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  1. mike o

    mike o

    Jan 3, 2009
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    As my ad states, I know I’ll regret selling this one. I only own two basses. I gigged with this for a few years before my wife surprised me with a stunning musicman. I stopped gigging last month and at 62, do not believe I’ll be back playing in a band again. Only keeping one bass. No reason for this one to sit around doing nothing. It need to be played and adored!

    I’m the second owner. The original owner had two and this one was his back up with almost no playing time on it. He tried to buy it back from me a few times but I wasn’t willing to let it go.

    So I’ll tell you what I know. Stunning sea foam green color that in the right light omits a blue hue. I have no idea why but it does. Always get complements on how this one looks. Passive/ active electronics. I only played in passive which is plenty hot and gives you an unlimited sound possibilities. Birdseye maple fretboard with MOP dots. MOP caps on vol/tone controls too. Has a new set of Chrome flats on it I used for some home COVID recordings. Normally I would have EB rounds. Both strings sound great. Fast neck, great action, very fun to play. Comes with original hard shell case.

    Only on defect on the whole bass, a small scratch on the top edge. It show in one of the pictures. Barely visible unless your right on the bass. Does not show at all while your wearing it. I’m a mature player with a light touch and take care of my stuff.

    I’ve owner a couple Carvin basses and other equipment. Always pleased with the quaility.

    ohh. This will be the 1st question someone asks. 9.7 lbs on the bath scale. I will answer any questions you may have but strongly recommend you checking the forums here for more info than I can provide.

    You cannot buy these anymore and this one is very special. No out of county sales.

    Price $ 1050.00 plus $ 50.00 shipping conus. PayPal OK

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    Sep 24, 2019
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  3. Dincrest


    Sep 27, 2004
    New Jersey
    GLWTS. I have an SB5000 myself. Excellent bass. The balance on that thing is dang near perfect so the weight feels less than the what the scale says.
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  4. Dubcc


    Dec 29, 2020
    I have a trade if you are interested. I've been looking for this SB5000 bass for a while
  5. mike o

    mike o

    Jan 3, 2009
    Monroe, GA
    Thank you folks.

    So true Dincrest - I’m a big guy so I never asked or checked what the weight was before today when I decided to sell :). I expected this bass to weigh less. Balance is really really good. Super comfortable.

    sorry no trades. I’m looking to have less.
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