SOLD Carvin SB5000 sale or trade my fretted for fretless

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    For Sale, trade or trade SB/JB necks. I love this bass but I'm going back to fretless on my fiver. 2011 Sekou Bunch in 3 tone sunburst. Gorgeous birdseye maple neck with matching headstock. Swamp ash body that I believe is one piece if not they did one heck of a job. Neck is excellent, body is very good, some small indentations nothing through the wood. Your choice of the current pickguard or one in tort. These are 34 inch scale, 19mm spacing and this one weighs about 9 1/2 pounds on my bathroom scale- very light for a swamp ash 5ver. Has the hot j99 pups. OHSC.

    Selling to fund a fretless 5 AKA "here I go again" most likely a Carvin SB,JB,PBJ...

    I really like the Carvin 5 necks so:

    Buy/trade neck -Looking for a Carvin SB/JB ebony fretless neck

    Sold as is but guaranteed to be as described.

    Trade interest MUST be an ebony fingerboard 5
    Prefer no lines but not a total deal killer
    Electric or semi-acoustic
    Have a Carvin fretless neck for sale?

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  2. mrgoodbass

    mrgoodbass Supporting Member

    May 9, 2006
    Hi, Do you know the weight on that? Also is it 19mm spacing? Thanks
  3. Yes it's 19m;, not heavy but no way to weigh.
  4. Sold on the 'verb. Now where's my fretless.
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