Carvin x100 (not x100B) Footswitch

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  1. I recently acquired an early 80's Carvin x100 tube amp. Love it! The two-button FS-22 footswitch with a single 1/4" TRS plug that came with it can turn reverb on and off and can switch the volume boost on and off, but doesn't seem to activate the effects loop. My amp has two 1/4" jacks to plug in footswitches, one labeled Volume Boost and the other is Channel Switch.

    Further research suggests that this amp can also use the three-button FS-36 footswitch. I have one of these footswitches that came with my Carvin PB150 amp, but it has an XLR female connector on it, so I can't use it without changing the connector to 1/4" TRS and TS. The later x100B amps have XLR connectors in the back of the amps for connecting the FS-36. I've done a fair amount of research and found schematics and drawings for the FS-36 but I'm having trouble figuring out which wires to use for each plug.

    The FS-36 has four wires, white, black, red, green. I've done some testing with a multimeter and found the black and red wires are used for the Effects 2 switch, but can't figure out the rest. My plan was to make a breakout box that I could plug the XLR into and split it off to a TRS and TS jacks, but I'm stumped.

    FS-36 schematic
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