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Casady Problem

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Weaselboy, Jul 11, 2001.

  1. Howdy all!

    I just saw another Jack Casady Signature on ebay that has a potential problem with the neck/fretboard. It may indeed, as the seller says, be only cosmetic but this is the fifth one I have seen in this condition, including mine. I purchased my Jack at a DEEP discount as a second from a major online mailorder house and it arrived in perfect condition except for a few chips in the finish from the nut to the third fret where the fretboard meets the neck. I didn't think much about it until I was changing the strings (D'Addario 1/2 rounds and love 'em) and saw a gap between the fretboard and neck open! The seller offered to take it back and refund my $ but since I got such an incredible deal, I decided to pursue repair under warranty. Unfortunately, Epiphone would not repair it since it was purchased as a second. Again, since it was such a good deal, I paid the $100 to have it fixed. I notified the seller about Epiphone's policy regarding seconds and they gave me a $100 credit for my trouble! So, if you have or are considering a Casady Signature, IMHO THE bass to have (rant, rave, drool), check out the neck.

  2. Weaselboy, sorry to hear about your Jack Casady problem. I think it was February or March when another member posted the same problem you're having, and it was the same cost to fix it. You said your's was brand new, but, it was listed as a second? If you don't mind my asking, where did you buy it, and how much did you pay? I ordered my Casady in December, 2000, but, it wasn't delivered for nearly 3 weeks. I got mine from Musiciansfriend.com and paid $449.00. The price was so low that I asked them if they were seconds, and the guy at M/F said, "No, they're brand new factory fresh." He also said that the sunburst finish, which I love was discontinued, and that was the reason for the discount. The Black and Gold ones were $719.00. To discount a perfectly good instrument by $270.00 just because of its finish seemed really screwey to me, but, I bought it, without ever hearing or playing one I might add, and so far no problems.(Thank God)

    I hope what you had repaired stays fixed, and, if you could, tell us all what you think of the bass, and what you like the best about it. Jack Casady threads are my favorites! Welcome to the unofficial club known as "The Jacksters," (thank you, Boogiebass) and did you know; In a survey done by an independent lab, that Jack Casady owners were all found to have very high I.Q.s.

    Good luck with a most excellent, yet underrated bass!

    Mike J.
  3. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    Yes, Mikey and all Jacksters are very good looking, too! Viva la Jackbass!!!
  4. Hey Mike!

    Thanks for the automatic membership registration in Jacksters. I there a secret handshake or initiation?

    I did get my Casady from MF and can't say enough great things about the way that they handled contacting Epiphone for me and the refund. I paid $349 (in the Scratch and Dent section) and it has a sunburst finish that is IMO very attractive. Since the repair, it looks perfect and there have been no further problems. I also bought mine unplayed and unseen based on what I had read on various message boards and in product reviews. I am a relative newbie, only played for about 9 months, but my Sering P, as much as I love it, didn't have the sound I hear in my head. I was steered towards a hollowbody by several people but wasn't thrilled with the idea of a short scale. Along comes the Jack Bass and I'm sold. The hysterical thing was that at my next lesson, I pull the Casady out and my teacher DOES THE SAME THING! We both bought them the same week. I had tossed the roundwounds on my Sebring and replaced them with D'Addario halfrounds and got closer to the sound I want - thudding lows but still a nice high end. I immediately replaced the Casady's factory strings with the same halfrounds and was THERE. Warm, full, nice thud, no finger noise, eyes roll back, drool.... For blues and Oh My God Am I Really That Old Rock and Roll that I play, it's perfect. After all that, I gotta go play it now. Take care.

  5. Glad your Jack is fixed, and playing well. If you ever want to try flats on your Casady, try Rotosound Jazz Bass strings. (RS77) Also, for a *REAL* acoustic type sound, put the 3 way switch on the middle setting, and turn all the midrange on your amp to zero. Nice, huh?

    Mike J.
  6. fender58

    fender58 Guest

    Sep 8, 2000
    Southern California
    Hey Mike thanks again for giving me those LaBella Deep Talkin strings. I do like them. They do need to be dug into like you said. I can't quite get the E string to intonate. It's not off much and it could be me or the bass.
    I did have to have the bridge repaired once as it started to pull out. When it was reset (actually I think it was always forward) the bridge post at the E string side is leaning forward just enough that I can't intonate that extra millimeter. I need to take it in to the shop and have them take a look. Other than that I LOVE that Jack Casady Bass!!
  7. maxvalentino

    maxvalentino Endorsing Artist Godin Guitars/ Thomastik-Infeld

    Oh....so it's the "Jacksters", eh? Can I get in on this?
    I have a Casady which I got from Steve Azola. From the first minute I played it (unplugged) I knew there was something special about this bass. I usually work as a solo bassist (just got back from the tour with Michael Manring/SteveLawson/Rick Walker) and had planned on using the Jack Bass as my primary solo bass on that tour. But....about a week prior it died. Went to play it, and no sound at all! Took it to my tech, who found that the PU is wired to the controls via a set of lugs which are held inplace by, of all things, rivets. The rivets had vibrated loose (geez, you'd think they would have noticed a hollow bass resonates...)and shorted the PU out. Busted Casady! Wrote to Gibson, not expecting any sort of reply at all....and to my chagrin they wrote back...and even sent out a replacement PU! We dropped that in and yes, there was sound again, but the tone was not the same. The VariOhm at 500 was the weakest setting, and none of the positions (nor the tone dial) provided that sweet midrange and clear top that I had known. Again wrote Gibson...it is now four days prior to the tour....and they offered to send out another PU with a new transformer and VariOhm and tone and vol. pots....the complete package (I am guessing they REALLY wanted me to play that bass on the tour!!)
    I was not counting on it making it from Nashville to Calif. in time, so I got a backup bass. Iwas thinking about getting yet another Casady (I really do like them), but optioned to a Godin A4, which, BTW, is and EXCELLENT bass...way beyond what I expected!
    But the stuff from Nashville made it, and the night before I left, my tech and I were putting the new guts into my Casady (which, BTW, is no easy chore).
    Quite a surprise bit of customer service excellence from Gibson, I must say! The Jack bass is back in working order...although I still don't believe the tone is the same as it was. Have I just been "fooled" by the outstanding tone of the new Godin, or did my Casady have just a magical sound before it died? It did have one of the sweetest sounds I had ever heard. Not only was it perfect for "group" work, but my chordally-intensive solo work really shined on that bass. Now it is not quite the same. And, that saddens me....it had such a great tone, now it is just a good tone. I took it on tour, but played it very little; the tone of the Godin was simply superior.
    But, now that I am home, I dropped some TI jazz flats on the Casady (I had been using Jazz rounds) and once again loving this bass!
    I really don't understand the "vanishing tone" dilemma, but I am certain it has happened. My Casady now has a very good tone for jazz and blues, but the solo stuff is not really singing as it used to.
    The CS i received from Gibson/Epi was outstanding and they really went the extra mile to get this bass in working orer for me.....that is something I will not forget.
    So does this tale gain me membership into the Jacksters?
  8. Max, anyone who owns a Casady is automatically enrolled in the Jackters, a term as I have previously
    mentioned was coined by Boogiebass.( Must give credit where it's due)

    Anyone who does not own, but, has played a Casady, is a "Jackster without portfolio."

    Anyone who reads Casady threads is a "Jackster with longing."

    The rest of the general public are "Jacksters unknowing." There is always hope for them, as they
    may one day meet a true Jackster, and their eyes will be opened.
    Sorry to hear about your repair woes. I guess being hollow body basses, we have to treat them with a little more TLC. There has to be a logical explanation as to why your tone changed after the pup replacement. Hope you can track it down. I've heard a few others say good things about the Godin A4; I'd better stay away for now, if I like it I know I'll buy one. BTW I liked the article you wrote about Michael Manring.

    Shortscale, again you are most welcome. I'm just glad someone is getting use out of those strings.
    I had the same problem getting the E string intonated. I guess because it's a heavy gauage there's a smaller "pitch window." I also just bought one of those crazy Zoom 506II pedals; it's got a tuner in it, and I never realized how your ear can betray you. All my basses are a little sharp at the twelfth fret. Then agian what you don't know can't hurt you.(sometimes)

    I command all Jacksters to play on. We are a light unto this forum!

    Mike J.
  9. fender58

    fender58 Guest

    Sep 8, 2000
    Southern California
    I am playing on and am proud to be a Jackster!! Thank you...

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