Case for Aguilar DB 359

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    just picked up an Aguilar DB 359 for a steal on the used market. But the size of this thing makes it hard to find a case to put it in. So heres what i'm thinking tell me if i'm crazy or if this will work.

    I want to by one of the head cases they sell for the AG 500 2 space about 10 inches deep in one of their cool tolex colors. I realize my amp is about inches deeper than the case is, but i figure the 7 inches that hang out the back is the space where the the vents, fans and heat generating tubes are, so it should still vent correctly/ stay cool.

    I know it might look a little funny... But i want to put it in something to make it a little easier to haul?

    Would this work? Having not seen one of these cases i don;t know exactly how they work it looks like they just rack into it.

    WHat are your thoughts? I may just email Aguilar directly and ask their opinion.

    Thanks in Advance

    E P
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    The mounting depth is 18 3/4 if I remember correctly. Not many cases that fit it off the rack. There are a few folks who can make you a case reasonably. Try this guy... ...he can get you a good case. I have a rack bag that fits. I think it was a levy's bag