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Case/Gig bag for ATK

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jp58, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. jp58


    Dec 9, 2009
    Can anyone recommend a case or gig bag that fits an ATK really well?
  2. jp58


    Dec 9, 2009
  3. This is what I carry my ATK700 in:

    It's friggin heavy but it protects my baby.

    I also own several of these for my other basses but my ATK fits in them as well:

  4. danomite64


    Nov 16, 2004
    Tampa, Florida
    If you want a case, order a W50BTB case from your nearest Ibanez dealer. If you want a bag, Ibanez has several to choose from, or just take the bass with you to a store and see what they have in stock; I imagine most will fit it. I have a Levy's bag for mine and it works fine.
  5. the ibanez btb1000c case, or something like that. fits it perfect. its black tolex with red plush interior. a cheaper solution are the rondo bass cases. I have both the brown snakeskin and the faux tweed bass cases and they fit as well
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