Case questions Fender tolex vs. G&G

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  1. I apologize if this has been covered, I did search but did not find much about this. I am looking for some insight on what the differences are, if any. I just got a G&L L2K and the SKB G&L case is completely trashed. G&L offers their tolex case made by G&G for $170 direct. Pretty steep. Musician's Friend has Fender tolex P-Bass cases for $120. Are the fender tolex cases made by G&G? If not how do the two compare?

    See the Fender tolex case here:

    On the bay I found some Fender tolex cases with red brick color interior and seller claims they are discontinued. Are these G&G cases? See it here:

    What are the differences between all of these cases. Would the Fender P-Bass cases fit my G&L?
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    I have 3 of these casses, 1 black and 2 tan. The black case has a red interior and the tan cases have orange interiors. The black case has a fender logo on the case (old school) and the orange casses have a small fender logo under the handle. As far as any differences with the regular casses I don't know. My Roscoe Beck came in a tan G&G vintage case, My MIA DLX jazz came in a black G&G vintage cases and my 75 R.I. FSR came in a tan G&G vintage case.
  3. Any other thoughts? I get the impression that the new cases that Fender has are not made by G&G i.e. the ones on Musician's Friend. Maybe it doesn't matter as they could be very good cases anyway. I am not sure about the case I saw on ebay, I wonder if that one is a G&G.