TRADED Cataldo Jade Green MAX

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    This bass is a beauty. Probably the best Thunderbird repro I've ever touched. ThunderBucker Ranch pickup upgrades, Stacked V/T knobs, Transparent Jade Green, black block and bound neck, upgraded two-piece bridge, dunlop stap locks. Weighs in at 8.2 lbs. Thicker P-bass style neck, and the balance on this thing is great, minimal neck-dive (nothing that can't be fixed by using a cloth strap). Weighs in at a lovely 8.2 lbs and comes with hard shell case. Currently strung up with EB Cobalt Flats. Has some minor dings/finish imperfections, and patina on the hardware. Buyer will pay shipping, contact me for a quote.

    DSC_0790.png DSC_0791.png DSC_0793.png DSC_0796.png DSC_0797.png DSC_0798.png DSC_0799.png
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