SOLD Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan, Maxon D&S, Infanem 141G

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    Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan fuzz
    Excellent condition. Includes box.
    $100/shipped SOLD

    Maxon D&S fuzz
    Very good condition. Includes box.
    Not to be confused with the D&S II, which is an overdrive. This is a big muffing fuzz, based on the Maxon 801/Ibanez 850 circuit.

    Infanem 141G Fuzz
    Excellent condition. Includes box.
    $70/shipped SOLD

    Lizard Leg Draconis Dual Boost
    Very good condition. No box.
    The Draconis is two Flying Dragon clean boosts, with an effects loop in-between the two (for running one boost each on either side of other effects). Toggle switch is loop on/off).
    The Flying Dragon is a killer boost with a crapload of headroom. It can be set to cut or boost signal.
    $130/shipped SOLD

    Dunwich Volt Thrower
    TC Ditto X2
    EHX 720
    Big Game Bedlam
    Lizard Leg Flying Dragon
    Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V3
    TC Helicon E1, Create, or Voicelive Play




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  2. Joshpital


    May 12, 2016
    Do you still have that Draconis and looking to sell?
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