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  1. Having lived with a Catalinbread HyperPak for a while, I was thinking it could do with having a bit more umph in the lows (to use a technical term) - I love the tone and it's pretty good as stock, but could it be improved?
    Enter one Silent Fly (, who said he could definitely help. I sent him the pedal and he modded it the day he received it - said he had other things to do but couldn't resist! He sent it back to me the next morning - that's service for you.

    I've only tried it through headphones - and my small practice combo - so far, but I could here the difference straight away. (Can't wait to try it through my gig rig). Although I use it in a blendable loop, having more low end coming from the pedal - ie overdriven low end - is just the ticket and it sounds great with a pic or fingerstyle - just as I'd expected, having had this email from SF: "Now the low frequency response is much more transparent. I tried it with a 6 string bass and the pedal can manage the B string pretty well. I also checked the pedal with a frequency analyser and the pedal now can go much lower. Modding a pedal so small was a little bit of a challenge and it took me longer than I thought but I'm happy with the result."

    Oh, and it's also sprouted two rather fetching [sfx] decals... Nice.

    So an excellent job, a really fast turn around and an all-round great guy to deal with to boot.

    Highly recommended.
  2. Nice! Clips?
  3. Soon!

    (Am off to bed in a mo - it's nearly 1am over here in the UK!)
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    Apr 28, 2007
    Must know if this is worth it to send my pedal back over the pond again. ;)
  5. I too can attest to max's work, his modded bad monkey is the only OD i'll ever need, as soon as I've got the cash spare my OC-2's going to him for his tracking mod
  6. Are there any clips of the mod yet?
  7. Not at the mo: no time right now but... have just had a radical change of set-up and it might be up for sale in the near future ;) :bag:
  8. Ooh...PM me if it is :smug:.
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    I've had several very productive and friendly emails with Max of [sfx], and he's working on a custom device for me now.

    Say, on that Hyperpak, I vaguely recall it being a clone/update of a popular/widely used dirt circuit--which one, anyone here know?