CAUTION: Before installing EMG's....

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  1. Bigwan


    Feb 22, 2002
    Ballymena (hey)
    Hi Evrybady...

    Anyone who's thinking of/about to/already installed a set of EMG's or an EMG active circuit, read on so as to avoid the trouble I've had...

    A couple of months back I installed a set of EMG J pickups and BTC circuit (running 18volts) in my backup 5 string. I assumed that all was well with the actual components before doing so....WRONG!!!

    When I plugged the bass in for the first time I could hear absolutely no improvement over the crappy passive pickups and circuitry I had removed. Having very little spare time I set the bass on a stand for a few weeks before coming back to play with it (at this point I was convinced it was just me!).

    But no - on second listen I was sure there was something wrong... For a start, using the pickups as a thumb rest produced some very strange crackling noises. Secondly, the bass + treble boost and cut pots made very little impact to the overall sound. Completely ticked off by this point, I put the bass back on it's stand for another week and reverted to my Wal.... who wouldn't!

    Well I'm pleased to say all has been sorted! I removed the BTC circuit last night (it was pretty obvious that this was the best place to start - I was still getting sound of a sort so the pickups were obviously doing something!) and on quick inspection noticed that 2 pins (from the EQ selector switches) hadn't been soldered to the circuit board. 10 seconds with my trusty old soldering iron and all was well with the world - now I know why people love these pickups! My old 5 string buddy has been transformed!

    So don't fall into the same trap I did... before installing any active circuit look out for anything strange or startling....... Now may be a bad time to tell you I used to be a diagnostic tech. Doh!.......

    "Be careful out there"

    Ian C.