CD burning problems in wavelab4?

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  1. On the Cubase bulletin board there seems to be a somewhat hostile discussion about problems some people are having with this.

    I have not tried to burn a cd yet (my system had issues but are fixed now) but am wondering if anybody had any details on what the problems were.

    I asked there and got a typical some people are experiencing this problem answer from PG (I am guessing a steinberg employee).

    I am just curious as my CDR is on the list. There is some mention of conflicts with Roxio before a certain version and such.

    I would like to head off problems before they start.

    any info would be helpful (well excluding incorrect info, :) )

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    I haven't experienced any problems (TEAC-58S burner), but I always make sure I have ASPI drivers installed. You can get them from the Adaptec website, they work even when you don't have SCSI.
  3. well, upgraded to 4.0e and it worked without a glitch.................fortunately