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    Sep 28, 2006
    I am shopping for Maxell CD-R 80 Minute 48X 700MB at Amazon. I am confused by the different offers. I see several packs of 50 w/different numbers, like one has # 625156, another has # 648250. They have different packaging. I had a small project converting a cassette tape to CD at a recording studio. My guy separated the songs into tracks, then burned me 2 CD's. He also dumped the work onto a flash drive for me. I plan to burn a few copies for people I know. Is some of the stuff just old, and some newer? Would appreciate advice as to what to buy.

    Some people tell me CD's are not going to me made anymore. Well Vinyl is coming back, and somebody is beginning to manufacture cassette tapes again.
  2. Get the ones that are for music, as mentioned in the description, for best results, in my experience.
  3. One word:- Verbatim
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    Sep 28, 2006
    I used verbatim until recently until I started having lots of trouble with it. The recording studio guy said he had a lot of trouble with Verbatim as well. Verbatim has had a really good reputation. There is a database of CD and DVD medium that is specific the many manufacturers and their many batches of optical discs. Sadly I have lost that link. Hope somebody can direct me to it.