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  1. mlwarriner

    mlwarriner Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2003
    KC, MO, USA
    All CDs are good playable condition, and include a case. Some may be missing tray inserts.

    $6 shipped for singles, doubles are $10. Certain discs are specially priced. Willing to deal on multiple items.

    7 Seconds - Walk Together, Rock Together
    AFI - A Fire Inside EP
    AFI - Sing the Sorrow
    AFI - The Art of Drowning
    American Nightmare - Background Music
    Anger - Juvenile Anthems
    Anthrax - Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (double)
    As I Lay Dying - Shadows are Security
    As the Ruin Falls - Her Porcelain Goodbyes
    Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil
    Bad Religion - No Control
    Bad Religion - Recipe for Hate
    Bad Religion - Suffer
    Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
    Beastie Boys - Ill Communication
    Beastie Boys - License to Ill
    Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
    Billy Idol - Charmed Life
    Blenderhead - Prime Candidate for Burnout
    Blindside - A Thought Crushed my Mind
    Blindside - About a Burning Fire

    Brother's Keeper - Fantasy Killer
    Brutally Frank - Midwestern Moon
    Built to Last - ...and Knowing is Half the Battle

    Crowbar - Sludge - History of Crowbar
    Cypress Hill - Stoned Raiders
    David Bowie - Live at The Tower Philadelphia (double)
    Dodgin' Bullets - World Wide War
    Dr. Crusty - Blockacheese
    Dropkick Murphys - Blackout (double)
    Dub Trio - Cool Out and Coexist
    Dub Trio - Exploring the Dangers of
    Dub Trio - New Heavy
    Dwarves - ...are Young and Good Looking
    Echobrain - S/T
    Elton John - Breaking Hearts
    Ensign - Direction of Things to Come
    Ensign - For What it's Worth
    Ensign - S/T
    Ensign - The Price of Progression
    Evergrey - Recreation Day
    Failth No More - Angel Dust
    Faith No More - Who Cares a Lot (double)
    Falling Cycle - The Conflict
    Figure Four - No Weapon Formed Against Us
    Figure Four - When it's All Said and Done
    Fishbone - The Reality of My Surroundings
    Flee the Seen - The Sound of Sirens
    Floorpunch - Fast Times at the Jersey Shore
    Fold Zandura - Ultraforever

    G. Love and Special Sauce - Best of
    Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
    Government Issue - Complete History, Vol 1 (double)

    Hatebreed - Under the Knife
    Hed P.E. - Only in Amerika
    ICU - Mad Truth
    Jawbox - My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents
    Johnny Cash - Cash, The Legend (4 disc box set) $20 shipped
    Johnny Respect - Blue Collar Moxy
    Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers
    Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
    King's X - Out of the Silent Planet (no inserts)
    Lickity Split - S/T
    Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
    Living Sacrifice - In Memoriam

    Love is Red/Oliver's Army - Split
    Madball - Look My Way (promo)
    Madball - NYHC EP
    Metallica - Kill 'Em All

    Minor Threat - First Demo Tape
    MXPX - Let it Happen
    Naked Raygun - Throb, Throb
    Nevermore - Enemies of Reality
    Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
    No Innocent Victim - Flesh and Blood
    No Innocent Victim - Tipping the Scales
    Obie Trice - Cheers
    Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
    Pantera - Official Live 101 Proof
    Pantera - Reinventing the Steel
    Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
    Patsy Cline - Ultimate Collection
    POD - Satellite
    POD - The Fundamental Elements of Southtown
    Poison the Well - Tear from the Red
    Primus - Frizzle Fry
    Primus - Rhinoplasty
    Pro-Pain - Best of
    Pro-Pain - S/T
    Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire
    Ramones - Mania
    Relapse Records - Contaminated 5.0 (double)
    REM - Green

    Saved By Grace - For What you Have Done
    Saves the Day - Stay What You Are
    Senses Fail - Let it Enfold You
    Shockwave - Autohate
    Slayer - Decade of Aggression (double)
    Snapcase - Designs for Automotion
    SOD - Speak English or Die/Live at Budokan (double)
    Suicidal Tendencies - The Art of Rebellion
    Superjoint Ritual - Lethal Dose of American Hatred
    Ten Yard Fight - Hardcore Pride
    The Apex Theory - Topsy-Turvy
    The Clash - London Calling
    The Clash - Sandinista! (double)
    The Clash - Story of the Clash, Vol. 1
    The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity
    The Les Claypool Frog Brigade - Purple Onion
    The Malefactors - Three Chords and the Truth
    The Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks
    The Sex Pistols - The Great Rock-n-Roll Swindle
    The Suicide Machines - Battle Hymns
    Toupe - Alopecia
    Toupe - Burgers
    Travail - Anchor of My Soul
    Trivium - Ascendancy
    Trivium - The Crusade
    Two - Voyeurs
    Various Artists - 20 Years of Dischord (three disc box set)
    Various Artists - Another Year on the Streets
    Various Artists - California Hardcore - A Call to Arms
    Various Artists - Fat Music, Vol. 5
    Various Artists - Fat Music, Vol. 6
    Various Artists - For the Kids
    Various Artists - Give 'em the Boot, Vol. 2
    Various Artists - Headbanger's Ball, Vol. 2 (double)
    Various Artists - Living is Our Example Vol. 1
    Various Artists - Only the Strong, 1993
    Various Artists - Only the Strong, 1999
    Various Artists - Punk-o-Rama Vol. 2
    Various Artists - Ravin' USA
    Various Artists - Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2
    Various Artists - Scene Preservation - Brainwash Records Comp.
    Various Artists - Subtle Dreams and Suffocated Screams (Omaha Hardcore)
    Various Artists - Take Action Vol 3 (double)
    Various Artists - Take Warning: The Songs of Operation Ivy
    Various Artists - This Changes Everything
    Various Artists - Victory Style 1
    Various Artists - Victory Style 2
    Various Artists - Victory Style 3
    Various Artists - Victory Style 4
    Various Artists - Victory Style 5
    Warzone - The Sound of Revolution

    xDisciplex - Imitation of Love
    Yes - Union

    Paypal, USPS Money order, well concealed cash. International shipping OK, will cost more.

  2. IdealWay


    Oct 18, 2006
    Asheville, NC
    do people even buy cd's anymore?
  3. Yes, if they care about sound quality, DRM, and interoperability.
  4. mlwarriner

    mlwarriner Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2003
    KC, MO, USA
    all sold items have shipped as of yesterday
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