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Cell phone stolen = big bill!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by pocket_groover, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for a course of action here...

    Sorry if the rant is long...

    My wife left her cell phone at a store and some woman got a hold of it and made a ton of calls, leaving us with a huge bill. She only made calls to one number, which is a guy she was jerking around. We called this guy, and he seems to know nothing about who it is; she was just jerking his chain with the promise of some ????. I have this guy's name, address and cell phone number. We also know this woman's MySpace ID. However, I'd like to know what I can do to find out who this woman is. Any ideas?

    This just pisses me off that there are people like this out there. :mad: I've misplaced my phone a couple of times and had it returned; even had a guy meet me somewhere to return it.

    Also, is this guy partly responsible for the bill, since he also made calls to her that she received on my wife's phone. Any legal guys out there?

  2. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    Haha, you know her myspace...
  3. Yeah ... probably where the guy she was calling met her .. :rollno:
  4. Good luck, maybe with a court order you can find out who she is from myspace, but with privacy concerns they don't usually just give out that info until forced to do so.

    I lost my cell phone skating a couple times. Once went into the grass to avoid someone, wheels bogged on grass, ended up flipping/rolling. Phone flew out of holder. Didn't notice until I was a few miles away on the park trail. I finally called my own number, left a voice mail. The phone beeps when it has mail waiting to be heard, so I went back to around where I fell, and listened for the beep.

    The other time I went out from my house, around 25-30 miles round trip out and back. Got back, my phone was missing... Assumed it was around the house somewhere, couldn't find it. Next day I figured it was really lost, I went out skating retraced my path. Remembered sitting down on someone's curb to tighten the laces, axles once, found the spot, and there in the grass... was my phone. Luckily they hadn't mowed the lawn, or it hadn't rained. I had tightened the wheels too and the phone fell out of the fanny pack when I was leaned over doing the wheels.

  5. westland


    Oct 8, 2004
    Hong Kong
    OK ... I have a story of even worse abuse. My daughter signed up for Cingular service in Tempe AZ, and then spent last summer in Kansas City, where she bought a phone under local contract, so that she would not have to use her Tempe phone. After the first month, Cingular billed her $1734 for a month in which she made 0 (zero!!) calls. She called to ask them about it, and they were extremely rude, and hung up twice. Two days later, she found that they had doubled the charge (no justification whatsoever) to $3468. After threatening to take them to court, they backed out one of the $1734 charges, though never justified what it was for.

    Am I surprised? Not at all. I travel a bit, and of all the countries that I've travelled to, th US has the absolute worst mobile telephone service (I haven't travelled in central Asia or in Africa, so there may be worse services). In the US you have non-standard protocols so you have to switch phones to travel, dishonest and rude service providers, poor reception, and the SIM cards are sealed in the phones so it is virtually impossible to change services ... something you need to do if you move from city to city and want to avoid ridiculously high roaming charges.

    Revenge is coming, though. I use Skype and Google talk whereever I can. I can't wait for Google to put wireless (Wi-Fi or Wi-Max) into cities. I'm getting a Wi-Max phone when they come out (Nokia's I think may already be on the market) and let the US phone companies sink into their own sleaze.
  6. kserg


    Feb 20, 2004
    London, UK
    Tmobile seems to be ok... rest i cant stand dealing with...

    On to this stolen phone... they will probably make you pay this due to fact that you didn’t cancel the phone sim or temp stop service... when you loose a phone 1st thing you need to do is call the company and tell them what happen... that way there is no way of making a call from the phone you lost... then the number will be transferred to a new phone...

    The guy is not really resposable because he didnt know it was a stolen phone... however is police asks him who this women was he has to provide all info he can...

    I am somewhat doubting that there is anything you can do... I would try going to police and telling them the story and see what they can do... also ask your company to lower a bill because of what happen... I doubt it will work but its worth the try...

    I would love to see cops do something to this B**** I am sick of these type of people... But I’ve notice that criminals have much more rights then normal people do...

    Good luck dude... If you find the B**** and cops wont do jack crap... let me know... maybe i'll go burn down her house...
  7. Why didn't you have them cancel the service to the phone ? It's common sense. Mine got stolen one time and I had them shut the phone off 15 minutes later.

  8. The chances they do anything legal except maybe have compensation for the money, none. Criminals don't have more rights, its just the legal system is so backed up with flooding prisons and minior offenses, and other things like this and minior drug offenses,all just get slaps on the wrists.

    Also it's funny how people say criminals have mroe rights when most people don't even know what their rights are ..
  9. kserg


    Feb 20, 2004
    London, UK
    That’s somewhat what I meant when I say "they have more rights", I guess I used the statement wrongly or assume something else behind it then you...

    Of course I understand that police don’t treat them any better then they would a regular person... I guess I worded it wrong and well it was way too brief of a statement. If I was to express what I think about this and what I meant by that statement I would agree with you... I don’t blame cops for this; I think that we just don’t give them enough resources.

    On my statement… Just because they (criminals) can get away with doing something like this they almost treat it like a right because they feel like they won’t get in trouble... In that way they by far have advantage over us... It’s a general idea of "if I can get away with it... it becomes my right to do this or that..." "Cop didn’t see it I didn’t do it" type of attitude... that is what I mean by that statement.

    I however do disagree with you that only thing that people get away with is only minor offenses… I think even not so minor can easily get away with what they have done because of this…

    I don’t blame police for this or pretty much anyone... I think we just need to put more resources in our protection... and if I was to go on about prison system i could write some more... I never spent time in prison so I don’t know what really goes on there but I believe that if we were to put in educational program into prisons (a good one at that)... Prisons would serve much better purpose... IE person coming out of jail would have training to have a job if they choose to… IE Think Malcolm X …whatever you might think of him… he educated himself in prison and went on with his life… Of course there will be such people who don’t care… but I think if it can help some percentage of criminals it would be worth it… Of course there are different kinds of criminals… Some deserve second chance some don’t… But you kind of get what i am saying rite?

    That’s brief statement about my idea… I don’t know how I got on this… No idea why I keep doing this thing where I talk about one thing and think about another… confuses the hell out of me…
  10. westland


    Oct 8, 2004
    Hong Kong
    I'm not sure whether this was intended for me, but I'll respond anyway (so there).

    The phone contract was for 1 year, znd Cingular refused to cancel. Overall they were incredibly nasty. I had to change my credit card (I was paying) to cancel it. The phone itself ended up going through he wash and was destroyed (at least it didn't light up).

    Lucky you. You have a nice phone company. You must live in Finland. :eek:
  11. Well in my case, my wife didn't notice the phone missing for a few days and by the time we did notice and put the phone on disable, the damage was already done.

    From now on, she's going to put an unlock code in her phone so that no one can use it if found.

    Thanks to everyone who offered advice/opinion. I love this group! (of course we's all bass player bros (and sisters), so it's great!
  12. Oh no you're right. People get away with a hell of a lot more. somewhat depressing actually ....

  13. Actually I have cingular. I'm kind of shocked now. Did you ask to speak to a manager or something ? Maybe thay ate nice to me because AT&T turned to them and I was with AT&T for about 4 years...

  14. That just says to me that young people like me use out phones way too much if it took that long for her to realize it. I use it mostly as a watch though :-/. And a calculator when I don't feel like doing tips.
  15. I 2nd that. Cingular sucks. You sign a 2 year agreement, then you're free, right? Wrong. It "automatically" reups you for another 2years, with early termination fee, or so they claim. I got hounded by those guys for a phone I told them to cancel cause it was lost. They put it on "inactive" for 6 months, and started charging me again. No phone. No calls. Ended up paying something to keep them from dinking my credit rating, but told them to cancel my other phone outright while they're at it, and guess what? They came after me for that one months later, after not cancelling it and racking up months of bills for it. I told them to cram that one up their butt.

  16. Yeah, I know what you mean. We have five kids in the house, from 22yrs down to 5yrs. That's why it took so long for my wife to realizie it was missing; it was on a weekend so we're busy doing family things. The 22yr and 21yr old kids would die w/o their cell phones. The 15/14yr old kids are dying to have one :D
  17. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    Call the cell company. They'll remove the charge from the disputed calls from your bill.
  18. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    This happened to my co-worker. Some teenage girl found the
    phone and racked up a lot of charges.

    She cancelled, but the police were quite helpful, and were
    able to contact the teen, her mother etc.

    Restitution was eventually made without small claims court.
    She got lucky. But it was a pain in the bass for a couple of

    I got bumped from ATT to Cingular. They are not crediting my
    payments by check. I got a notice that they would no
    longer be proceesing check payments back to the bank, only
    electronic facsimilies would be returned. The original checks
    are destroyed.

    So far they have destroyed 2 checks and not credited
    my account or processed my payment.

    Hella way to run a business IMHO. Horrible customer service.
  19. Already tried that. They say we're responsible for all calls made on our cell phones, authorized or not. I looked at the terms/conditions and it is written as such (Verizon). I looked at the terms of a few other cell providers and it's the same.

    It's not like the good old days when the land-line companies would remove charges at your request.

    Needless to say, I hung up the phone in a very pissy mood after talking to Verizon. :mad:
  20. How were the police able to find out who found the phone?