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    I recently bought a tacky electronic guitar tuner from a second hand shop for like $20 because it was too hard to tune by ear during a gig. The thing is, it tunes my B string really well, and can go beyond that to a C. weird weird. All depends on the frequency response of your tuner.

    As i have never tuned my bass to a C i wouldn't know where to begin. Maybe a piano. Nothing beats perfect concert pitch from the piano.


  4. Uuuuh...try plugging your bass into the tuner, then plucking the string, and messing with the tuning peg until the tuner lights up on the desired note...

    Of course, that would all really depend on what kind of tuner you have & stuff, but hey - you only asked, didn't mention what kind of tuner you have or anything. :D:p
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    (clue)-LESS ,

    Why is the fact that you don't know how to do this making you angry?

    And who is this "SOME ONE" that you want us to help?
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    As was mentioned before a chromatic tuner, which gives you all tones including sharps and flats is the way to go if you plan on frequently using alternate tunings or downtuning your bass. A keyboard or piano is not always handy, nor is a pitch pipe.

    You can buy chromatic tuners for around twenty dollars and on up. Korg makes an excellent one.
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    Aug 5, 2001
    Northern England

    honestly sheep man and chris, you guys should have you guys should do stand up...but sitting down. anywayz i can take it, go on laugh at the new all who ACTUALLY helped thanks i didnt realise you could get tuners that enable you to tune in CGCF i have a very basic tuner that only does E A D G so i think it will be worth getting a better one now, i cant tune by ear yet. im only i beginner.

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    Actually, we guys do have us guys doing stand up sitting down. Typing while standing is kinda difficult, if you know what I mean. A word of advice: if you don't want sarcastic replies, you might try asking for advice WITHOUT YELLING YOUR QUESTION TO A BUNCH OF STRANGERS, and leaving out the I'M REALLY MAD, SO YOU BETTER ANSWER MY QUESTION REAL QUICK, DAMMIT icons.


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    tune the third string to a G with your tuner and tune the rest to that with harmonics.
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    My wonderfull little Korg has the flat (b) button, from one two four flats. Or, if I am correct, from half a step to two full steps, or, Eb-C, so if you're tuner has that function, set it it Ebbbb (E with four flats symbols), or, E dropped two full steps, which is a C. So there you have it. If you don't have the option of Flats on your tuner, then just do what the other guys said.
  12. You know, coming in here and typing all in caps seemingly demanding something isn't exactly the way to go if you want serious responses.

    If you can dig it out, you should take a look at my first thread. It wasn't all in caps, and it was relatively polite, if I remember correctly.

    Now I'm not saying that I'm perfect, far from it, actually. I just take that extra time to be mature, so I'll be treated maturely, and receive mature responses form people, because it's the mature responses that help.

    Sure, my response may not have been too mature, but a mature post will get more mature responses than an immature post will.

    And now...the word mature sounds really weird. :p
  13. I love that how if you say a word over and over and over and over and over and over and over, it starts to sound really weird.

    If you have a cheapo tuner that only goes EADG, find the fret that, if the string were tuned to C, would be E. Meaning, largest string, tune the 4th fret to E, and VOILA, open will be C. 2nd string, tune the 2nd fret to A, TADA, open is G. 3rd string, tune 2nd fret to D, ABBRA CADDABRA, open is now C. Finally, 4th string, tune 2nd fret to G, and HOLY MACKEREL, open is now F. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Apr 19, 2000
    my zoom 3000b has a great tuner inside

    useful when you have a tuning like mine: C# F# B E

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    Aug 13, 2001

    It's important to start learning to "tune by ear" as you put it, because this is the only way to play in tune really - as a beginner it may seem hard, but the more you tune using your ear, the more you are training your ear, and the easier it is when you play to recognise different chords etc.

    However, it always help to have a chromatic tuner handy at all times, for those days on stage when you need to tune in a hurry and quietly...
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    Aug 5, 2001
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    thank u oh so much....that woz an extremely high amount of help. i knew i had to tune each string to a different fret to get the note i wanted, but i was unsure which fret to tune it to, etc. if u know what i mean. so anyway, thanx alot man
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    Running before you can walk!!??

    I suppose what's difficult to come to terms with for most of us is that somebody who doesn't know where C or G is on the fretboard would be experimenting with alternate tunings.

    The first thing that you should have down is what every note is at every point on the fretboard, then it's pretty obvious where you should be tuning the open strings to. I mean this is the most basic information you can get away with and be able to play, so how you can be trying different tunings before knowing this, is just so far the wrong way round as to seem ridiculous to me.... :confused:
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    (hed)-less, for some reason i think yer trying to play mudvayne. and since your new here, im gonna give you a little advice... never give any opinion on limp bizkit, korn, or linkin park. almost everyone on this forum hates them, and flame wars will erupt very easily.

    but, about the thread, you should try to tune by ear. i cant, and i wish i could. maybe if i wasnt so damned lazy i would learn. but eadg works for me right now.
  19. (hed)-les, no problem. These guys are right though it would be a lot easier if you learned how to find all the notes on the fretboard, its a real big help, try cool site.

  20. .

    Exactly how I tune my bass and guitar, I get the most out of a $9 tuner :D