Chance To Give Input On Bass Travel With TSA

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    Dec 17, 2003
    This was in the July 2008 edition of ISB's E-Bass Line. Thought I would spread the word about an opportunity to post some comments in a place where it might make some difference. Looks like they want some input and info from bassists.


    The Transportation Security Administration is inviting fliers to post comments on a new blog, This is a golden opportunity for bassists to plead their case (or their trunk) in the "Gripes and Grins" section. Remember, be constructive and respectful when urging the TSA to help performers, teachers and students travel to jobs and music festivals and camps. What do we want? Consistent, reasonable, affordable guidelines for flying with our instruments, so that every trip to the airport isn't a roll of the dice. When do we want it? NOW!

    In these days of airline mergers, the recent issue of National Geographic Traveler advises airline customers to stay informed about contracts of carriage. These contracts are the fine print documents that appear at the end of your e-ticket. Travel contracts of carriage for passengers and their luggage are subject to change without prior notification. Keep a copy of your contract on the day you bought your ticket with you when traveling, even though some airlines might superimpose new terms on the date of travel and not the date of ticket purchase.