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  1. I used to play a swr bass 350 through a goliath jr. However I sold the head and used the cash towards a sans amp bass driver di as a preamp with a carvin dcm 1000. I must say I love it. First of all it seems to get much more volume than the 350 (although both get 350 w into 4 ohms) I am very pleased!! The swr just did not fit the musical style I was playing. I honestly think I am just going to keep the sabddi as my preamp and maybe add a triad to the rig or possible just get a 6x10 (1000 watts :)). But I just thoughT I'd let ya know cause I am so happy with it. And by the way I just got back from 4 days recording in Toronto and the sabddi worked great!! And the cool thing is my new set-up cost less than the 350 and there are much more options when it comes to cabinet configurations.
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    Great set up Rex, but I do detect the symptoms of pre-GAS. Be very careful!!!!

    Congrats on the new rig.

    Mike:D ;) :D
  3. Thanx man :) Yeah I hear ya about the pre GAS thing but I just can't help it.