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  1. Hi guys ..

    I was just wondering on which details you pay attention when you change your strings ...
    I mean, what's important and where can I find a GOOD description on how to change your strings ...

    Thanx alot basspeople ;)
  2. When I change my strings I love to scrub my fretboard and clean all the places you cant reach with em' on. As far as changing my string I just change em'? What are you wondering about?
  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
  4. Well, I heard there are different ways to change your strings ... so ... I just wanted to know how you guys change your strings ... - I'm always abit afraid that I do something wrong, coz nobody ever showed me how to change them - :rolleyes:
  5. yeah thats what i was going to say ;)
  6. Rexspangle, are you using any products when you clean your instrument ... I do for my body, but what are you using when you clean your fretboards?