Changing pups on a Spector Rebop, need advise!

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  1. Tommythebass95


    Nov 14, 2012
    My problem is basically that although i love my rebop in every aspect, its way way too hot, if i turn the bass pot more than 20% it distorts the clean signal, if i hook it up to a fuzz pedal it goes full on apepoopie, same goes for some distortion pedals. I have done a bit of research and from what i´ve learnt i´ve pretty much got three options.

    A) Deal with it and only treat the sympthomps, so getting only pedals that work with it, trying to avoid using weak amps and so forth, i dont think it is the best option since apparently this bass eats through pretty much every pedal under 150$
    B) Wiring in a passive/active switch. Since it already has EMG HZ passive pups i could try to get a switch installed so i can set it to passive when needed. The problem with this (aside from the money because i have no clue if this is expensive to get done or not) is that apparently if i bypass the spector preamp it loses all its tone and sounds a bit like crap (from what i´ve read)
    C) Getting active pups. This is what called my attention the most, it seems to me like its the simplest option and apparently since the EMG Hz are high output pups, if i got some medium output active pups i would keep the spector tone that i love whilst reducing the output and effectively solving my problem.

    Please i need some advise, i know pretty much nothing of electronics, this is just what i´ve read so i dont even know if what i wrote is true, so if someone could confirm it and give me their opinion i would be very grateful :)
  2. mmbongo

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    D) Replace the preamp. I'm assuming it must have a TonePump? Install a Bartolini that has a gain control and you'll be ready to rock.

    Active pickups? Meh. With both Spectors I've had, the first thing I did was replace the active EMG's which to me was a huge improvement. I always felt the EMG's were very cold and hard sounding, and since they are active I could never get them to work with dirt pedals properly.

    My NS-5H2 has a Bartolini MM pickup and Aguilar OBP-3 preamp.
    My NS-2J had DiMarzio Ultra Jazz with a Bartolini preamp but I sold that bass. Both came with EMG's and both ended up sounding more 'Spector' than they did with the EMG's because of the warmth and dynamics that were gained by using passive pickups. They also allowed my dirt pedals to have lots of character because of the different impedance.

    This is, of course MY experience and opinions. Take it with a grain of salt. I know there are PLENTY of killer sounding Spectors with active EMG's...but I'll bet not many of them have TonePumps so that would be my first step.
  3. Tommythebass95


    Nov 14, 2012
    I talked today to a luthier about this and he told me that instead of spending money in a new (and better) preamp which would be quite expensive, since the pickups are already passive he could just take out the tonepump and leave it as a passive bass. My concern is if that would be taking off the bass balls if you know what i mean, after all the preamp is what gives it its tone or so they say. Do you know if this could work out well? If not what preamp would you recommend if switching the tonepump out of my rebop?
  4. Most folks tend to replace the Tonepump with an Aguilar OBP preamp. Personally, I've never had a problem with unwanted distortion with my Rebop, so I would recommend instead looking at the internal trimpot of the Tonepump (assuming it was made after 2008) and lowering the output. If this isn't an option, then the EMG-HZs by themselves are serviceable enough and are good for clean tones with a very flat response.
  5. 8_finger


    Jun 1, 2002
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    The cheapest remedy is lowering the pickups or as Callum_Caracass it the tonepump has a trimpot try lowering the output through that.