Changing Standard Jazz Bass wiring/controls.

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  1. Changing standard Jazz bass Volume/Volume/Tone configuration to- Volume/Pickup blend control/tone:- Is this possible, and if so, how does one go about it?
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    Totally possible. Get a Bourns MN Taper 500k blend pot.

    Make sure you get a BLEND POT, not a dual gang pot, different animal.

    Instructions and diagrams are available online and @walterw has graced us with mods that leave to blend pot and ungrounded and more recently a no-load version mod. Cool stuff.
    2664BC88-E9BA-4CEA-BDAF-7C0A50A16409.gif This is the grounded version. Alternatively, you can leave the ground off for smoother blend.

    Or make it no-load:
    Ultimate No-load Ungrounded Blend Pot (Pics!)
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  3. Thank you for that - but considering that I am an electronics ‘dummy’ and that I live in New Zealand - I would need to source this blend pot from the US ( and there is a source suggested)? Am I correct to also assume that the neck pick up volume stays in place and it is therefore only the bridge Pick up volume control which gets replaced by the blend pot?
  4. Grounded vs ungrounded?
    Loaded bs unloaded? yep, I will meed plenty of advice here!
  5. Thank you for your information and advice. I have ordered a 250 k ourns blend pot and also an audio tone pot and a linear volume. But am I able to use the existing to tone pot already in the guitar
    Also the neck volume ? No issue if I cant
    as they all (potentiometers ) are arriving together
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    No problem using the stock pots.
  7. Great - thanks - walter reckoned a 250 k Bourns blend pot or similar rather than a 500k