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  1. there is probably a thread on this already, but I had a difficult time locating one, so please bear with me.

    I was just wondering if it is possible / worth the trouble to take a cab with a front grill of metal (such as a gk cab) and make/buy a different cover, one with a material like which is used on ampeg cabs....

    the reason being (and this is totally hypothetical for now) I am WAY too OCD to allow myself to use a stack consisting of two cabinets, one with a metal grill, the other with a totally different look/cover material.

    lets say for example I buy an ampeg classic 410.. and throw it on my GK 115 which has a metal grill. I would like the idea of replacing the metal grill (or covering it) with material matching that of the ampeg cabinet, so as to have a more aesthetically attractive stack, yet having two cabs which are totally different brand.

  2. I am ocd too, and have considered getting a second cab for my 410 but I just can't because I can't find one with the grey matching grill, in the end I just got a 610 instead. I know what it feels to be in this situation.
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    One thing you might have to concern yourself with if you grillcloth over the metal is rattle. A tight grillcloth against a metal grill could rattle. If the GK cab has a thick enough lip on the front, though, you could take the metal grill off, cut a frame out of wood and grill the frame. They usually attach with velcro but I don't recommend getting the industrial strength velcro or you might never get it off again.
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    i had a similar problem when I got a second cab. It was a black grill and the current grill was a silver finish. I thought if I should spray paint it but decided I didn't want to ruin a good thing with a tacky spray job so i stuck with it. If i was you I would just roll with it and if it keeps bothering you then get it replaced.
  5. My guitar 4x12 cab has a metal grill, and I once tried to use grill cloth straight over it. Looked great but the cloth flapped and rattled against the metal grill.

    You will need to take the metal grill out, and depending on how it was mounted, you might be able to make up a wooden frame with the grill cloth on it to put in its place.
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    right. you'd need to shape a baffle to fit the cab and speakers, then stretch out and staple the new grill cloth to it. not too difficult an endeavor...
  7. where would a person buy grill cloth?
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  9. ahh, very cool.

    well thanks guys, that answers all my questions perfectly.

    of course.. I don't even HAVE a second cab yet, but I am glad I know that changing the grill is an option.

    another victory for OCD people (so i spend like 2 hours this morning trying to press both shift keys on my keyboard at the EXACT same time... boy that was pissing me off...)