Charles Mingus sheet music.

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  1. Hey, i'm a young bassist who has been playing the double for maybe 4 months, and I am obsessed with some of Charles Mingus' recordings.

    Does anybody know where I could get some free sheet music or any type of transcriptions on the internet for some of his songs? I'd love to buy a few of his books but being this young, the banks won't give me credit cards.

    Thanks in advanced.

    edit: or even any good bass transcriptions?
  2. I don't really know of anything online, but in the back of Chuck Sher's The improvisers bass method there is a transcription of the bassline to II BS. One thing you could try is learning the tunes by ear, you'll get deeper in the music plus develop a very important skill if you're gonna play jazz, I wish I did more of that in my youth.
    Good luck,
  3. Thanks alot!
    I've been trying to do that, but one song i'd really love to learn is Haitian Fight Song, and I can't figure out the very start of it because its quite fast.
  4. The Hatian Fight Song and II BS are the same tune (Mingus renamed tunes and reused them alot). II BS is on Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus. The intro's are pretty much the same and the tune is a G minor blues. If you have access to a program or any device to slow it down to half speed that may help.
  5. Wow, sounds like a good idea..
    Thanks dude.
  6. There's an a post about II BS in the recordings section of this board, check it out.
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    There is a really good book out there called
    "Charles Mingus- Not Just A Fake Book". I cant remember who put it out but Im sure you could find it at one of the larger bookstores in your area. It has some great transcriptions as well as a whole wealth of other info- interview segments, pictures, articles etc... Great piece for the collection.
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    I have the updated version - "More than a play-along" - which also includes CDs as well as transcriptions of bass lines and lead sheets for his most popular stuff. It's Hal Leonard and is great!!

    But the intro to Haitian Fight Song is very easy - as has been mentioned, it's just a minor arpeggio-type thing - you can do it!! :)
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    All hail MINGUS!
  10. Both more than a fake book and more than a playalong are put out by hal lenord courtesy of the Jazz Workshop.

    The More than a fake book is okay, it's got a couple good bass tarnscriptions, but most of it focuses on his skills as a composer, and the melodies he wrote for the rest of the band instead of bass parts.
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    Jul 18, 2003
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Well, for what its worth---I really enjoyed the book, and I think that most people who appreciate Mingus would value it as well.

    You cant please them all---
  12. Naw, dude, don't get me wrong... I loved the book too. It's got lots of good biographical info, and lots of pictures (I've tried to figure out some secrets to his technique, and i think that it has somthing to do with the fact that his paws are freaking enormous...) I know that he developed his own fingering system.. of coruse I don't know what that is... I guess most of his technique is based on that... like some weird mutated simandl...

    anyways, I am getting way off topic, I was just saying that it wasn't a great source for copping mingus's licks.