Charting in the Digital Age

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  1. Now that iPads, scoring software and various apps are frequently used in music these days, do you find that the way you chart songs has changed to accommodate that?

    For example, I almost always used to fit my (printed) charts into one or two pages, using repeats and codas, etc… to make sure I could open it and see it all. Sometimes even forgoing note-for-note accuracy for the sake of simplicity. But now, if you use an iPad and a foot pedal (to switch pages), you can effectively just switch pages and keep going without having to physically turn pages or jump to positions within the chart.

    So, how has it changed for you?
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    Feb 18, 2004
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    I try to fit the whole song on one iPad screen in type big enough to see easily. I use my laptop to enter them:
    Index of /abc
  3. I wasn't even considering lyric/chord types of sheets, but that makes sense. I was actually thinking of standard notation.
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    Feb 18, 2004
    NE CT
    Standard notation takes up too much space and is too hard to enter on-the-fly. I use something similar to ABC notation (abc | home) but that I started developing independently in the '70s. I've recently been evolving it using color, super and subscript to enhance readability and compactness. There's a "readme" at Index of /abc .
  5. Standard notation charts would definitely have to be pre-prepared. I have not found (although I haven't really looked hard for) a good notation app for iPad.
  6. Does anyone know of a good notation app for iPad that will save to .xml?