Chasing The Shadow of The Funk Machine

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    I think it is great that we might find Jamerson's P-Bass, but honestly, after owning and playing a lot of '60s P-basses in my life, even the best was not that much different from the average vintage '60s P-bass. I know there is no confusion by anyone here that it's obviously the artist and his work, not the bass that is the real treasure.

    Still, I am wondering if anyone feels that JJ's high action, heavy LaBella strings, mutes, brazilian rosewood fingerboard, dirt, etc., really add up to something so different from what we experience when we play a similar instrument? Was the Funk Machine somehow different?
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    No doubt that the 'Funk Machine' has a big sentimental value, and means a lot to James' family as well as to those who love him including myself. However, I agree that the bass was 'the bass' in James' hand, and wouldn't be a lot different than a bass from the same era. In fact, some might find it uncomfortable to play because it was set up to James' likings. I personally don't believe in 'Mojo', and I'm an ameteur magician;)
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    We've known for years over on my Facebook Jamerson page that the Funk Machine was indeed post-'64. The '57 Black Beauty isn't known to be on any recordings, but may certainly be on something very obscure. The second P, believed to be a '60-61, with the chipped pick guard is surely on his Motown work from '61 to '64, though nearly half his output then was still on upright. The transition logo-ed, pearl dotted post '64 is indeed the Funk Machine he possessed until 1983. Oh, he also lost a few B-15's along the way too.... lol. If you're so inclined, you're all welcome and encouraged to join my Jamerson FB page. I'd be honored. Mr. Crutcher is also a member, and we've had MANY lovely late night discussions regarding the documentary. Log into Facebook | Facebook
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  4. By this do you mean the funkmachine was a post '64 P, or it was a '62 that was used post '64?
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    Sorry! It was made in late '64 or after.
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    The B-15 thing was tricky. Last I heard, the official word, based on confirmation by James Jr., was that the amp in question was definitely not Jamerson's.
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    He also stashed another B15 at Pistol Allen's house.