cheap fretless and combo!!!!!!!!!!

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    Apr 19, 2001
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    im forced to sell my first bass. a custom made fretless (i did it myself) 4 string, white body, rosewood frets, p-bass pick-ups. needs new tuners, little pick-up work and some sticker residue on the body. it sounds way better thsn it looks though, trust me. i also have a Hartke B60 Bass amp, 60 watts, 12" speaker, 3-band EQ, 'Shape' Control, active/passive input (passive input needs work), line out for PA mixing and recording, effects loop, and headphone out. plus i have a few misc items.

    bass = $50
    amp = $175
    gig bag = $35
    lots of old strings = $15
    brand new 20' cables = $20 each
    colored 6" cables = varies
    picks = free + shipping
    old guitar/bass stand = $5

    ALL (i would prefer you buy all not just one thing!) for $250 i am fairly firm on the prices, since i lowered the price from $400. Thank you. buyer pays shipping on all items