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  1. Hullo, everybody. I've been playing bass for about six years now, and for the last two or so have been seriously looking at getting myself an upright - saw one recently up for sale nearby but I'm a little wary of getting it.

    Looks to me like it's got a major crack across one rib and there's some separation at the seams - and the back doesn't like nice - but the man is selling it cheap, and I'm thinking about going up there some time with the local luthier to take a look at it.

    Here's a link:

    From what little any of you might see (and you might see something I've missed), do you think it'd be worth it to go check it out?
  2. No.
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    Elijah, I went and checked it out, and it's in bad shape. Cracks on the top, cracks on sides, cracks on the bottom, lots of wood missing from the edges, soundpost is down, and it has weird silicon strings. About the only good thing is that the neck hasn't been broken or repaired, and the board is really quite nice. I texted pictures to luthier Simon McHugh here in Wichita and he said thousands and thousands of dollars worth of repairs would be needed.

    So, yeah, if you're in McPherson, I'd go up to KC.
  4. I am certainly no expert, electric bassist,
    but although cheap always tempts me,
    I'd be leery.

    Now, if you just wanted it to learn on and it played OK and
    you didn't even expect it to last long...maybe for ~$300.
  5. Yeah, I thought something like that might be the case - especially after I called him while I was off running around a little bit ago, and found out I was educating him a good bit about the instrument. That's why I always see about asking other people beforehand - I've had good experiences with people on craigslist and seen some pretty bad things from craigslist. I'd rather save myself the gas money.

    Also, Bill - I was already leery. Seeing a 1940s German bass put up for less than a thousand dollars - especially one that's got cracks like it does and the back looks like it's been horribly mistreated - always puts me a little off, though I generally always want to at least try and check things out a little.