Cheapest way to get recordings to the laptop without using the soundcard.

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  1. My soundcard is crap on my HP laptop. I'm using a Tascam 424 mk III cassette recording console. No matter how I send the recording to my laptop, either thru the monitor out, the line out or the headphone out, the signal loses a lot of quality and clarity when it passes thru the soundcard.

    Is there a way to bypass the soundcard, using some kind of interface thru the USB to Audacity or other software to convert the recordings to MP3 or MP4?

    Excuse my ignorance, had this console laying around and I'm just dipping my toes into recording....
  2. Dave W

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    You can get an interface, but then you might as well completely skip the Tascam and record directly with Audacity. You'd plug your bass right into the interface...
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    You need a 2 channel USB interface, assuming you want stereo. There are tons made, and unless you want to spend a LOT of money, most of the $150-$200 sound about the same. I use a Focusrite Scarlet, but Tascam makes several.

    But once you get one, going through the cassette deck is only going to degrade your audio quality, IMO. You are better off recording directly to your hard drive through the interface, possibly then sending a line out back through the tape for "hissification" if you want :)
  4. Im actually surprised at the quality of the signal out of the Tascam. Recording on only two channels would require a mixer, would it not, to record bass, two guitars and drums at the same time?
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    your post could be taken to mean you have some cassette content you wish to transfer.
    I'm assuming you want to record live instruments directly into the laptop.

    before spending any money take the time to try to eliminate the soundcard as the culprit.

    tascam user error
    are you confident the mix going is is good?
    does it sound good on headphones out of the tascam?
    can you run the tascam line out into something else and hear a good singal?

    Laptop soundcard user error
    if you trust the quality of what the tascam is producing,
    then have you done due diligence tweaking your soundcard input settings?
    are you using aline in or a mic in to the sound card?

    Audacity user error
    you mention using Audacity, so I'l assume you are recording to that.
    I Audacity set to record the format and resolution you want?

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