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Check Out My Band

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Tyler Hole, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. We got together this afternoon and recorded a couple jams. Here is the first one. My drummer is going to get me the other one tomorrow probably.


    [edit] Here is the 2nd jam we did. www.sentryelite.com/sihtinabottle.mp3 (also posted in a few posts down)

    Lemme know what you think!


    [edit] Just incase anyone asks I used my DeArmond Pilot Pro V through a GK700RB-II and Hartke 410vx. The guitarist's amp died not to long ago and he doesn't have the $$ to get a new one now, so for the time being he is using our drummer's stereo, so sorry that it sounds kinda bad. We used 3 sm57 mikes and 1 akg. One sm57 on my amp, 1 on the stereo used as an amp and 1 on the bass drum and the akg hung over the rest of the drum set. We then ran it all into a mixer and then into an AudioTrak MAYA1010 PCI Computer Recording System.
  2. First off SMASH, thanks for the reply. Now I'll answer to it :)

    Haha, when we jam it tends to be something like this or a bit mellower. When we actually write songs its more harder rock/metal

    I see what you mean here. Our jams are just made up on the spot kinda stuff so sometimes some parts get kinda lost into the mix of things and new ones come around.

    There was really no structure with this jam. We pretty much decided to just go in F# and start jamming. Some transition parts it was just poor judgement on timing, my fault some times, drummer's the other times - It happens.

    I'd say they are better musicians than me. They've both been in bands that have had a full list of songs and played shows and I haven't so they are more experienced for sure.

    Well, from the looks of it it's going to be a hard rock/metal band mainly. It's kinda what we've all wanted for a while. The drummer actually just moved back but a few months before he did we had all talked about creating one when he moved back. The gutiarist might end up being the singer or we can find one and we will be adding keyboards for sure - Got a keyboardist lined up already.

    Once again, thanks for the reply and listen SMASH!

    [edit to add on to your edit]:

    He was using his delay pedal right before we started to record but it died, he was using the adapter on the distortion pedal and we had no spares (I forgot to bring some, I got like 10 here).

    I'll tell him that for next time. Tomorrow I should be getting the other jam that we did from the drummer so I'll see about getting that up.
  3. BassGreaser


    Aug 22, 2002
    Austin, TX
  4. Thanks. I think I've check out your band before but the stuff sounds good!
  5. I've been listening carefully to the recording a few times to hear things we can improve on next time, but I must say that I'm really digging that bassline I had from 1:30-2:00 - I wish I remembered it. I imagine I can figure it out again though.
  6. I agree on the basslines, but I hate your tone :-/
  7. To each his own :) I'm not super fond of it myself, but I'm hoping to somewhat change that this summer when I either get a BTB406 or GT7 (If I get a job and get the money).

    Thanks for listening.

  8. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    Good drummer you guys have, but I think you as the bass player didn't really introduce a lot of diversity into that jam. I mean you played the F#, G# and maybe a C# or D here and there, but it was basically the same throughout the song. Try to noodle around to find a good riff that you can use, then use that for a bit, then gradually introduce new ideas. I liked how the drummer went from a hihat beat, to a more rockin hihat beat, to a nice ride beat, but overall, I think you should use more riffs and hooks rather than just noodling around over 4 notes with the occasional fill. Also, the guitarist isn't bad but I didn't like it when he played a short lead, stopped for 4 bars then started again. If he's gonna solo, he should solo!

    This is of course my opinion, and it might contradict what you guys are going for, so take it with a grain of salt of course! In my band, I usually like to find a nice riff for the guitarist to solo over (that's all he ever does... :rollno: ) but change up the riffs pretty often.

    And I'm of the opinion that you guys could benefit from adding another instrumentalist into your band. How about a keyboard player?
  9. We have a keyboard player, he just wasn't there when we recorded. He'll be there tomorrow so we can start writing some stuff. Once we get a few songs written we will record them and I'll post them here.

    Thanks for the input Slava.
  10. Well, the more I thought about it last night I started to realize that it was the recorded tone that wasn't so great...the tone I'm hearing when we jam seems fine.
  11. You know, I never though about that and totally forgot it was there. Next time we record if I remember I will.
  12. I just finally got a chance to check this out and next time that we jam (we are going to sit down and write actual songs for a while) I'll try it out. Actually, come to think of it, we will more than likely be jamming out the parts of the songs we write to develope them so I might try it during that too. Anything else you think would sound cool feel free to offer it up :)

  13. kingbrutis


    Aug 10, 2003
    Phoenix AZ
    Here is my old band. I am still trying to get things together for the new band. Man it's hard to find musicians who want to play good music and arn't driven by getting free drugs or chicks. Everyone asks, do you consider weed a drug? Just crazy. Let me know what you think. My old band was more hardcore with a tiny bit of metal, the new one will be old school hardcore(think bad brains, sick of it all, cro mags ect..) Joe

  14. Sounds good brutis, I'm digging it.
  15. what i would recommend is that u get kinda cut it short or stick to some groove longer it order to give it more structure. what happened is that i got lost 30sec into the recording. simply could not absorb it all.

    but anyways it did get off on teh right foot imo yeah? :hyper:
  16. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    I'm downloading it, but it will be a while... and I feel like writing to keep myself occupied. I think it's fantastic that you guys are recording jams. I've laid down some of my best stuff while jamming, but then I'll change to something else and try to come back to it but the magic is gone. If I had the recording I could see what made it so great at the time. Could have been drums, I could have changed the feel. Who knows. But the best way of coming up with new ideas is to jam like this, listen to it as a band and find awesome parts, develop them and work from there. If someone's part is weak guitar/bass/drums you can change it. I'll let you know what I think in a few years.
  17. I agree Matt that it is a good idea to record jams and choose cool parts to work off of - But one problem with us. The stuff we jam isn't the stuff we write. I know that it kinda seems like "Well, why not write stuff you jam?" but for a long time now we've all wanted to write metal and so that's what we are doing. I think if we ever wanted to change routes, we would go to what we jam.
  18. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    Tai Noodles: I gotta admit, I was expecting some Fieldy inspired bass, but was let down. :D Not bad, considering it's a jam. Mic in the middle of the room right? It had some interesting bits. I kinda agree about your tone being a bit rough, but that's due in part to the recording. I'd say especially in a 3 piece metal situation, you'd need to be louder and your tone needs a bit more bite (mids).

    The guitarist was too... playing all the time. :) He needed to, I think riff a bit more... interact with the rest of the band. I would have liked to hear more syncopation in the rhythm section. Little pockets of air help jams breathe more. You seemed to be on every beat all the time, changing it up and all, but it was very straight ahead, which bores me a bit.

    All and all not bad, the guitarists tone was maddening, but you excused that... plus the recording...

    Just some bits of advice/pointless bitching. :)
  19. Thanks for the input Matt. I had a mic on my amp, but due to all the mics picking up everything (1 mic on my amp, 2 on drums, 1 on stereo) my tone wasn't all that good. Next time I'm going to be trying running a cable to the mixer from the DI on my amp - But if you're there the tone sounds good.