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Check out my recordings!!!!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by caesarbass, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Adam Barkley

    Adam Barkley Mayday!

    Aug 26, 2003
    Jackson, MS
    They worked for me.
  2. abark000-thanks, i did it right!!! yeah!!!
  3. alapantera


    Mar 22, 2004
    these sounded pretty good... but could definately use some development. and i'm sure you're already aware of that ;)
  4. ++++1111111
    I'm just happy that my DAW is working correctly and that I'm able to post some songs, FUN STUFF!!!!
  5. Bosch


    Aug 12, 2005
    Hello caesarbass,

    Updatedheavyguitar.mp3 is a very cool piece!
    I put Winamp on repeat and started jamming. For fun I recorded one take. Just wanted to let you know the song was inspiring!
    Here's my guitarsolo on it:
    Bosch / The Netherlands :cool:
  6. Bosch-thanks for the kind words!!! I'm going to make some time later tonight to listen to your solo, thanks for doing that. I think it will inspire me to actually finish the song.
  7. Bosch-I love it!!! First and foremost, you are a smokin' player!!! I listened to a couple of your mp3's, on your website, and I really liked them. I'll have to go back and listen to all of them. I listened to the first two. Thanks for doing the recording on my tune, I'm very inspired to finish the damn thing now, I especially like to outro solo section over the D- part...very, very cool!!!!!
    Thanks again!!!
  8. Bosch


    Aug 12, 2005
    Hahaha :) Cool! :cool:
    Thanx! This was just a jamtake, so once you've finished I would be honoured fill a genuine solo :D
  9. I will take you up on that!!! :bassist: