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  1. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    Hi all. Apologies for a +1 to the 'look at my site guys' type post.

    My brothers really into tarantulas and stuff so some time back I made a website and and uploaded his content onto it. I've shared it before (long time ago) but now the sites taken off and even got a address.

    I know there's a few TBers' who have spiders/scorpions etc and I'm sure theres a handful who have interest/fascination in such areas.

    I'd appreciate any feedback or notifcation of errors, thanks!

    Site: Click here for site. Arachnophobics welcome!

    PS - I'm posting as he's been telling me to psam it for about 2 weeks now :oops:
  2. Looks good, nice job :)

    couple points of attention ( imo ) :

    1) remove this image ( at the " species " section ), it creates confusion. It's the same colour as the background, and it gives the illusion that the browser is having a boo-boo.

    2) fix the page-height. at 1280x1024, the copyright-bar at the bottom of the page is just outside of the window, so you have to scroll down 2 or 3 lines to see it.

    3) the links point to " ", it would look more professional to make them point to " ".

    4) dead link : ( gallery - " Avicularia Avicularia mating ".. damn :( i really wanted to see 2 spiders, uhm.. you know.. " do it " )

    5) some pages say " copright The Hatchery Dan W. P. Fox 2003-2004. ", and others say " copyright The Hatchery ", without your name on it. Try to keep it uniformal.
  3. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    looks good man! i just took a quick peek at it looks nice. i would have browsed it, but spiders freak the **** out of me :rolleyes:, oh well...